zaful clothing haul + review!!

zaful clothing haul + review!!

I’ve always wanted to order from Zaful  because their clothes are so incredibly cute and cheap too!! When I got the email that they wanted to send me some clothes I was so excited!! They are an adorable, trendy online store you can check out here!! Their site is always full of great clothes especially for summer. In this post I’m going to show you what I got and review the quality and my overall 100% honest opinion on it.

Starting off with reviewing the shipping and packaging, it took around 1 1/2 – 2 weeks to ship, which is pretty good for how far it came. When it came in the mail, each item was in these cute little bags and overall were packaged nice. I picked out a tube top, tank top and a dress for them to send me! Nothing was stained, ripped or damaged in any way, it was all really great quality. I got a size small in everything and it all fit me perfectly.

The first thing and my favorite thing I got was this stunning dress!! It’s red which I’ve been loving and been getting way more clothes in this color. It’s super flowy and beachy and it has the cutest little flowers all over it. It also has a ruffled neckline which is so cute and comes in at the waist, giving it a very flattering fit! The bottom part also flows out a lot and I overall love this dress. The material is really nice and so is the design and fit!!

I wore this at the beach last week and it was perfect for it. I’d say to wear a bralette under this not only because it’s cute but it makes sure there aren’t any side-boob issues if you know what I mean. The other things I love about this dress are the straps with ruffles and the little tie at the front!

The next thing they sent was this tube top! It has these really cute horizontal stripes in a few different colors. I think that tube tops are so perfect for summer because it’s likely very very hot! This top has lots of ruching on it which makes sure this stays up if you haven’t worn a tube top before. I usually pair tube tops with bralettes since then you don’t have to worry about straps since it’s a brallette and the “straps’ are very cute!

Lastly, I chose this gingham printed tank top! The neckline was what really drew me to it and it’s sooo cute. I will say though that this is a little too cropped for me to wear with most shorts but I recently got a pair of super high-waisted shorts that work perfect with it. This tank top is again, super cute and comfy too and I just really love and recommend it.

The neckline is hard to describe but it has some pretty cute ruffles and the cut is just really *tries not to say cute again* lovely. Another really amazing thing about this is that the straps are adjustable which is so amazing because it’s perfect to fit anyone!!

I hope you enjoyed this post and if you’re looking for some new clothes, definitely check out Zaful!!

xo Carly

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