what i packed for hawaii!

in a few days i’m leaving for the most exciting trip i’ve ever been on!! i’m going to a beach house in kona, hawaii with my family for a week!!!! it’s going to be the best trip ever and get so excited for all the posts. here’s what i packed to give you guys some tips for packing for a trip!


  • 3 pairs of shorts
  • 1 jean skirt
  • 3 tee shirts
  • 2 tube tops and 1 tank top
  • pullover sweatshirt
  • windbreaker
  • 1 pair of leggings/pants
  • 2 nice dresses
  • 3 bikinis
  • bras, underwear, socks for each day
  • 2 pairs of pajamas
  • vans

i knew i wanted to pack lots of bikinis and overall chill clothes because we will be spending most of our time on the go at the beach and pools! i also brought some dresses and one fancy top for when we go out to dinner. also dresses are perfect to throw on over a bikini at the beach!

hygiene + beauty

  • everyday makeup; mascara, eyebrows + concealer
  • mini skincare; cleanser, toner, moisturizer, retinol
  • sunscreen!!
  • shower stuff; body wash, razor, shampoo, conditioner
  • basics; toothpaste, toothbrush + deodorant

honestly i know i’m not going to be wearing makeup except for maybe some trusty waterproof mascara so i just brought the basics. also my favorite sunscreen for hawaii is sunbum cause it’s all vegan, cruelty free and safe for the animals and reefs which is so important!


  • basic jewelry
  • bucket hat
  • sunglasses
  • bluetooth speaker

the house we rented has its own pool and hot tub so i knew i wanted to listen to music in our pool so i brought my speaker. then for extras i just wore the basic jewelry i always wear and sunglasses and a bucket hat because i think they’re actually really cute!!

plane bag:

  • hydro flask
  • phone + charger
  • ipad w/ netflix downloads
  • airpods
  • journals + pens
  • meds
  • a magazine
  • wallet
  • portable charger
  • camera + charger
  • lip balm

i packed all of this into a mini backpack that i’ll be carrying around with me the whole trip cause i know we’ll be on the go a lot and i want to have everything i’ll need.

i hope you enjoyed this post and get so excited for hawaii posts!!

xoxo carly

Carly Allison

blogging about everything i love :)

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  1. So exciting that you’re going to Hawaii! Hydroflasks are the best for keeping water cold. I’m sure your’s will come in handy while you’re there.

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