what i eat in a day on a sailing trip

hi welcome back to my blog! in today’s post i have another what i eat in a day post but boat edition. i’m currently on a sailboat in the puget sound (travel post coming soon) so it’s all boat cooked meals for today’s post. i say this part in every post but, i’m vegan and this post is just to give you easy meal ideas for whenever.

for a pre-breakfast i had a bowl of fruit and a ton of water. it’s super good to start off your day with a big glass of water since you’ve been sleeping and your body is likely dehydrated. then we made some slightly watery blueberry oatmeal. we didn’t have a microwave since we were just anchored in the sound but the oats were still good. we added cinnamon though which was really good with the blueberries! also made some coffee cause that’s just essential. i just add a splash of almond milk to my coffee.

for lunch i put together a huge salad and a few mini avocado toast slices. for the salad i chopped up two heads of romaine lettuce and an avocado. my grandpa put together a dressing with balsamic vinegar, olive oil, pepper and herbs and i mixed it all together in a bowl with croutons. this was super easy obviously but it was soo good and refreshing! for the little avocado bread sides i just spread avocado on a few mini baguette slices of bread and added salt and pepper.

for a snack later in the day i had one of those fruit and nut granola bars from costco. those are just really good and filling from all the nuts but still super easy to just grab. i also had some kombucha green tea from the yogi brand which is so good.

dinner was roasted veggies and pasta. my grandpa roasted a bunch of veggies and put them over penne pasta. i think the veggies were onion, zucchini and squash seasoned with herbs and pepper. on the side i had a roasted eggplant circle seasoned the same. after dinner i also had an incredible vegan snickerdoodle cookie from a vegan bakery in tacoma. eating is all a balance. also more of that same kombucha tea from earlier before bed.

i hope you enjoyed this post and maybe got some snack or meal ideas, have a great week!

xoxo carly

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