what i eat in a day in hawaii

what i eat in a day in hawaii

i’m in hawaii! i learned literally my first day here that the food here is absolutely incredible. there’s so many great vegan options and it’s even easier for me to just ask them to take off the cheese and make it vegan. but yes i thought i would do a post on this because some of these you could eat at home for sure and give some restaurant recommendations in hawaii.


for breakfast, i made some basic avocado toast, fruit and coffee! i’m hate how basic i am but avocado toast is such a simple but yummy breakfast or lunch option. i use the daves 21 grain and seeds bread which just saying is the best bread out there! as for my fruit i just grabbed some raspberries and blueberries. then i found a french press in the cabinet of the house we rented so i took advantage of that and made myself a cappuccino!


for lunch we went to restaurant at the hotel that the house we rented was like part of so we get to hang there if we want! the hotel is called the westin at moana kea and the restaurant is just the one by the pools. i ordered the tacos with beans instead of meat and they were actually amazing. literally every restaurant i’ve gone to in hawaii makes it so easy to eat vegan like i just ask if i can have a menu item vegan and they’ve all known what i mean and i’ve been so happy with my food!! i think i might need to move here… but yes so in my tacos i got beans, corn, tomatoes, cilantro and gauc which was super yummy. then i got this super pretty drink with coconut water and fruit. also another reason i’m in love with hawaii is they always serve with either no straw or a paper one, i literally haven’t seen a plastic straw since i’ve got here!


then for dinner we went to this sushi restaurant called “sushi rock” i think. apparently it was one of the top restaurants on the island and it felt super authentic and local which was amazing! they had a whole section of their menu that was vegan and vegetarian which is incredible. i ordered the vegan poke rolls i believe and they were amazing!

i hope you enjoyed this post and all the yummy food! have an amazing day babes!!

xoxo carly

ps here’s a few hawaii photos…

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