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travel with me to orcas island

heyy!! so for my spring break, my family and i went up to our house on orcas island which is in the san juan islands. i don’t think i’ve mentioned it on here before but we actually have a vacation house/cottage, whatever you want to call it there. it’s been in our family for years and we go there lots throughout the year and i love it so much!!

at around 7:30 in the morning we packed up the car and left off to the anacortes ferry landing! we drove from our house over to the ferry terminal and once we got there we took my dog for a walk around the beach. i can’t remember what time the ferry came but when it did, we got on the ferry. i actually stayed with my mom in the car with max (my corgi puppy) and we listened to some new khalid music! once we made it to orcas island we drove to our house/cottage there. we unpacked and got ourselves all settled in which wasn’t too hard cause most of the basics are already there from last time we went.

since it was definitely the sunniest day we would be there for so we went to the beach!! we went to cascade lake which is one of the prettiest lakes to visit there. it’s inside of moran state park which i really recommend visiting since it’s the prettiest ever and has great nature and forests as well as stunning lakes and mountains. i also took some photos for a collaboration with one of my favorite companies that you’ll see super soon babes! you’ll see lots more photos from that soon so get excited.

after going to the lake we stopped at the grocery store on orcas which is called the island market. we just bought some basics like veggies, fruit, coffee creamer, snacks, etc. also check out how freaking cute these bags are that they use at the store! after we got home we just unpacked the groceries and played a few card and board games for a bit. i also watched some episodes of criminal minds i’ve downloaded for the trip since we don’t have wifi up there, just data service.

the next morning i woke up and got ready. after getting ready i did a bible study since i’ve been doing lots of those and my goal is to do one from the app “you version bible” everyday for the month of april and so far i’m on track so i’ll update you on how it goes. but afterwards my sister, dad and i went into eastsound which is the cutest little town on orcas island. we just walked around the streets and took lots of photos for the same collaboration and i’m so happy with how they all turned out and you’ll see more soon!

then we went to the orcas island library to get wifi to… BUY KHALID CONCERT TICKETS!!!!! khalid’s album came out that morning and the tickets were on sale starting at noon that day so we wanted to get really good ones. we watched the timer for like at least a half an hour and we got some of the first ticket purchases which is so cool!! we got really good seats and i’m so excited for the concert!! it’s on july 7th and we’re going for my moms birthday cause her birthdays a few days after.

for the rest of the afternoon we kinda just chilled and stayed around the house. we stopped at the best bread bakery on orcas island which is rose’s bakery!! then when we got home i made lunch which was avocado toast with the bread we just bought and yummm. we also went for a walk with max cause he loves all the trees and nature up there. we also played tons and tons of board games. we played the board game sorry, card game war and just more random card games.

that night my dad and i went to portifinos pizza which is our favorite pizza place on the island. this is one of the best pizzas i’ve ever had in my whole life omgg!! i was easily jsut able to order mine without cheese which is awesome and the crust at portifinos is amazing and if you’re ever on the island please go there!! i got tomatoes, mushrooms, basil and normal marinara sauce on mine.

the next morning i got ready and everything like normal, did my bible study and journaling, etc. then we went into town and went to brown bear bakery!! this is another amazing spot i really recommend. they have so many different unique pastries and their coffee is the best coffee ever. it was sooo good! then we went back and hung out for bit, ate lunch, etc.

afterwards we went to mount constitution!! mount constitution is obviously a mountain and is part of moran state park and it’s around 2430 ft up. the view is absolutely stunning and you can see all the way to canada and all the san juan’s from up there which is GORGEOUS!! i mean just look at these photos!! there’s also a really cute tower that’s really high up on the top of the mountain. the drive up was just gorgeous and the views all the way up are so pretty.

then for the rest of the night i actually babysitted my sisters while my parents went out to dinner at ships bay hotel which they recommended so there’s another recommendation ahah. my older sister watched buzzfeed unsolved with me and drained my phone of all the data to watch it all the up in the hills out house is in! we also just played with my dog and little sister in general.

as for the end of our trip, we spent the morning packing up and cleaning the house! then once we were able to pack up and go we rode our ferry home. after we got off the ferry, we went to park to walk max and then got taco time before driving home.

i hope you enjoyed this post and have a great day babes!!

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