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hey! since summer travels are still going on i thought i would put together a good ole post all about it! i’m going to split this into catagories and then into sections there. i hope this post helps you out and overall you enjoy it.

what to pack on the plane:

  • your phone
  • laptop
  • earbuds/airpods
  • any electronic things (never put in your checked bags!!)
  • journal + pens
  • hoodie cause planes can get cold
  • a book
  • makeup/skincare if it’s a long flight
  • water!!!
  • snacks
  • wallet & id/passport

what to do on a plane:

  • listen to podcasts (downloaded)
  • watch netflix (downloaded)
  • make friendship bracelets
  • edit photos for fun
  • read
  • sleep
  • journal
  • make a friend
  • organize your phone

packing & planes tips:

  • only pack the essential products
  • download netflix, music and podcasts
  • stay really hydrated in the car and planes to avoid cramps (especially if you’re on medication cause my doc said this is important when sitting for long periods of time)
  • bring and empty water bottle and fill it after you get past security in airports

travel tips in a new place:

  • use google maps to find spots were you’re traveling and favorite them so you have options
  • read yelp reviews always
  • carry your wallet and phone in a non obvious or less accessible pocket of your bag or purse

what to keep with you in a new place:

  • camera
  • snacks
  • wallet & id
  • sunscreen
  • water bottle
  • phone

i hope you enjoyed this quick lil post and this helps you out:)

xoxo carly

Carly Allison

blogging about everything i love :)

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