thoughts n inspirations

thoughts n inspirations

hi welcome back to my blog! for todays post i’m putting together a bit of a disorganized post about some thoughts and things that have been inspiring me lately.

something that’s been inspiring me lots lately has been trying new things! winter always seems to make this harder for me but i’m making it a priority so far this winter and it’s been very inspiring. trying or going somewhere new each week or two keeps things fun and interesting, especially since a lot of my time goes to work and school at the moment.

at the beginning of november i put together a little list in my journal of new places/things to try this winter and i’ve been looking to that for ideas. a couple weeks ago i went to a new restaurant and walked around the docks with a friend. last week i took a ferry to visit a little town across the puget sound with a friend, it was a fun little trip and change of scenery. some other things on the list are going to a ceramic painting place, having a bonfire at the beach, going to the farmers market, visiting a new park, going to a flea market, etc.

another thing that has been inspiring me is journaling. i love journaling prompts based on the moon and i love journal prompts from @sophiakelly on instagram. i also love writing down moments and memories because it helps me remember good memories and take inspiration from them.

also taking lots of photos. i’ve always taken lots of photos but i’ve been taking like even more lately and it’s so fun. for lack of a better term, romanticizing your life in a way. for me, taking photos of something maybe small somehow makes me notice, take in, and appreciate the beauty of it more. also been loving making little montage videos on instagram reels, i just turn my live photos into videos, compile them, and add a song i’ve been loving. video is such a special way to capture memories and i love looking back on them.

the month of december is also a nostalgic month for me, being the end of the year and such. it definitely makes me look back on all the lovely memories of the year more so i’ve been going through old photos and videos lots lately. this can be very inspiring but also need to remember to stay in the present moment and not get too nostalgic.

i did a journal prompt where i wrote down my top 5 memories of 2021, my top 5 lessons of 2021 and my top 5 simple pleasures of 2021. some of the memories i wrote down was being a summer camp intern in august, a 4th of july trip to orcas island, a weekend trip with my mom to olympia and my birthday picnic in may. a lesson i wrote down was in gratitude and a couple simple pleasures were watching the sunset, having picnics, and meeting new people.

xoxo carly

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