things to do not on your phone

things to do not on your phone

hii welcome back to my blog. for today’s post i’m sharing a list of things to do that aren’t on your phone/how to spend less time on your phone! especially last year with covid, i noticed myself spending more time on my phone and how that wasn’t the best. since then, my screen time is 1/3 of what it was!!!

first off, why? you’ve probably heard 1,000 times about the negative effects of social media and screen time but if you think about the amount of time you spend staring at a little screen in relation to your life and your time on this earth, it’s often really jarring. i also watched the documentary “the social dilemma” which was very interesting and gave a new perspective to the topic of social media. i really recommend watching it if you haven’t already, it’s on netflix.

also i thought back to different memories and how during some amazing moments or experiences i was not fully there and instead thinking about or looking at something on my phone. thinking about that while being in a lockdown situation and not knowing when you’ll have the chance to experience similar things again was upsetting and definitely contributed to my change in opinion on social media.

what i did about this. the first thing i did was analyze my screen time. apple has the screen time feature and i definitely recommend using it or downloading an app for it if you’re on android. thinking about those hours the way i wrote about above really made me not want to be on my phone. another thing i did was delete any extra apps/accounts/media that was just making me spend more time on my phone with little to no benefit.

i also recognized to what level social media can be helpful. for example, instagram, i genuinely find it very inspiring when i go on it in the right mindset and follow the right accounts. i follow about 150 people and look at the stories and posts that inspire me. for me this is a lot of creative accounts, aesthetics and wellness focused content but find what is it for you!

a few more things you can do for less time on your phone. turn off your notifications!!! i have mine off for everything except text, phone and an app that tells me when to water my plants. cannot recommend this enough because then you’re less likely to mindlessly open an app just because there’s a notification for it and more likely to only open an app because you want to in a mindful way.

another change i made was trying to not go on my phone in the morning or before bed. this made a big difference in my mood in the morning and my sleep at night. a third change was focusing on being fully present in every moment and enjoying it. this is something that phones can really threaten and i’m still working on it but have gotten better about it the past few months.

finally the biggest thing for me was incorporating more and more hobbies!!! especially when i wasn’t working anymore, i had to find a way to fill the extra hours in my day that i was previously spending on my shifts at work that wasn’t just going on my phone more.

things to do not on your phone.

read a book. i love reading so much and i have a few posts on my blog sharing some of my favorite books! if you’re just getting into books, my favorites are gone girl, twilight and the comeback. i also love going to a park and reading there to get some fresh air, especially at sunset to watch the sunset as well.

take up a hobby/make something. lockdown inspired me to crochet again. i’ve been really loving it and have made some cute clothes as well. i’ve also made jewelry, done watercolor paintings and sewed things over the past few months. try different things out until you find a hobby for you!

cooking/making food. another idea is just taking more time to cook meals and make really good food. not only will you have really good and most likely healthier meals, but you can’t cook and go on your phone at the same time.

go for a walk/workout. two more ideas of things you can’t do while going on your phone very well. if the weather is nice i love going for a walk and putting on a podcast. i’ve done a post on my favorite podcasts that you can check out if you’re looking for a new one to listen to. also love working out, it’s not only a good habit but requires no screens (although i do love to listen to music during a workout).

see or call a friend. this one is a bit hard with everything going on with covid but try and find a way to spend time with a friend or family member! obviously make sure you’re doing so safely based on where you live and the covid recommendations whether that be outside/socially distanced or on a phone call. seeing or speaking with another person will almost always put me in a great mood and i just make sure to stay in the moment and not on my phone as much as possible.

i hope you enjoyed this post and have an amazing rest of your day.

xoxo carly

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