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things to do not on your phone

things to do not on your phone

Carly Allison

blogging about everything i love :)

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  1. elizabelleblog

    This is great✨ I’ve spent so much more time on my phone because of lockdown and I’m trying to cut back. Could you tell me what app you use to remind you to water your plants?

    1. Carly Allison

      same!! glad you liked the post 💘💘

  2. Anna Jo

    Loved reading through your blog entry, Carly! I admit that a huge chunk of my time was really spent on the screen last year, and I’m not proud of this. I’m looking forward to lessening my screentime and being more present. Your ideas are great reminders that life goes beyond what we see and what we attempt to show on screen. Thank you for sharing with us, and have a lovely day!

    Anna Jo /

    1. Carly Allison

      me too!! glad you liked the post & it’s something i’m always working on as well💘💘

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