things to do everyday to live your best life!!

i love posts like this where you basically share a mini checklist of things to do everyday to help you life your best life! so i have a list of 10 things that i find the most helpful ever to feel the best all day. also i tried to make these more deep than just “drink water” although you should do that too lol!

1. have a positive attitude

i’ve learned recently how much having a positive attitude can literally change your entire life!! like it’s genuinely shocking how much giving everything a positive outlook can change your life! seriously!! to do this, try complaining lots less and looking at all the positives instead of what went wrong.

2. take care of yourself

you can’t do everything you want to do if you’re body isn’t thriving! keep good hygiene by taking showering, brushing your teeth, washing your face, etc. give yourself time to relax because you can’t pour from an empty cup.

3. keep a balanced day

having a balanced life is so key! balance you day between everything you love and even don’t love to do but need to. spend time with your friends, but also do what you need to do for example.

4. smile at people, hold doors, etc.

doing small little acts of kindness towards others is such a great way to make the world a little bit better!! i recommend finding big lists of acts of kindness to do in the world. here’s another cheesy quote that goes along with this “be the change you wish to see in the world!”

5. be grateful

being grateful for your life and blessings is another thing you can do to everyday to better your life! i love making a list in my journal of all the things i’m grateful for in my life throughout the month. you can write everything from your family and friends, something that happened that day, etc.

6. spend time w/ friends and fam

if you’re anything like me, spending time with people is so energizing and makes me so happy!! when i spend time with my friends and family is when i’m at my best. but i seriously recommend spending at least a few hours with your friends and family everyday.

7. eat happy + healthy

so i know everyone is going to say on here to “eat healthy” everyday. but i think you should eat happy!! eating happy means to me that you should eat what makes your body feel happy. like if you eat a bunch of junk you’re going to feel pretty crappy. but you also don’t need to eat only fruits and veggies. if you want a bagel, have one!! but also have lots of fruits and veggies, if that makes sense.

8. take time away from you phone

if you’re anything like me, when you spend the whole day sitting on your phone, you feel pretty crappy too!! i recommend using the new apple update thing where you can see your screen time. i find that when i track it, it helps me feel more pressure to get off my phone!

9. genuinely smile + laugh

this is a super sappy one but laugh everyday!! spend time having fun and making memories!! <33

10. don’t compare or doubt yourself

comparing yourself with others will literally make you feel so down!! but when you catch yourself comparing yourself with others you have to take yourself away from it. it’s hard but i’ve noticed that when i don’t let it affect me, it kinda just happens less if that makes sense.

i hope you enjoyed loves!

<33 carlyy

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