things i’ve been reading lately

things i’ve been reading lately

recently i’ve been absolutely obsessed with reading, like multiple books a week obsessed! i’m still mostly quarantined so with the exception of summer classes, i have plenty of time for it. but this leaves tons of book recs for me to share! i get most of my recs from kenzie elizabeth too so if you watch her, you’ll notice a common theme. i read everything on my ipad and use the app libby to get all my digital books from my local library! also i’m just going to be doing a very quick description of all of these because i don’t want to spoil anything.

the last mrs parrish by liv constantine– this ones a really good thriller that has tons of twists that i guarantee you will not expect.

we were liars by e lockhart– this one is like a romance and thriller combo that also has a big twist you won’t expect.

wish you were here by renee carlino- this book made me cry multiple times and it’s such an incredible love story that is also kinda sad but i can’t recommend this book enough. it’s the type of book i wish i could read for the first time again!

swear on this life by renee carlino- this one is another love story that will make you cry and is just such a good read.

blind kiss by renee carlino- i love this book so much and the love story is so good and i love the characters so much. also can you tell i’m obsessed with all her books yet?

before we were strangers by renee carlino- this was the first book i read by carlino that got me into all her other books because this one was just too good! i have a few more books by her i’m planning on reading super soon and i honestly recommend every one of them.

the couple next door by shari lapena– this is a thriller and mystery that is so good! tons of great twists and things going on in this book that i couldn’t put it down.

the last time i saw you by liv constantine– another mystery and thriller book that will make you keep reading until you’re done because there’s so many interesting twists and changes.

i hope you enjoyed this post and definitely go read these books because they’re so so good!!

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