things i use everyday

things i use everyday

hi welcome to my blog. for today’s post i’m sharing some things i use everyday, a current favorites post of sorts. these are just some things i’ve been loving, some lately and some for a while.

my journal – i love my journal! i use my journal everyday, i use it to keep organized, to do little prompts throughout the month, and to write down little memories. i keep a page each week split into 4 categories; important to-do’s, selfcare things for the week, movement, and any creative projects i’m working on at that moment. the journal i have is a plain black one with dotted pages, it’s from the brand artists loft and i got it at michaels for super cheap!

my kindle – i love my kindle, i use it basically every night to read. my local library has an app where you can borrow ebooks and have them sent to your kindle or ipad so i use that! some books i’ve been reading lately have been local woman missing by mary kubica and the wife upstairs by rachel hawkins.

hyaluronic acid serum – the one i use is by the ordinary and i love this serum! it’s to help with hydration and product absorption which has been working really well for keeping my skin hydrated as we enter the colder months in washington. i use it right after washing my face at night and before applying my moisturizer.

nalgene 2L water bottles – i have two of these and i love them. it’s like the perfect amount since i think you’re supposed to drink 1 1/2-2 liters a day so i can make sure i’m drinking at least one of these bottles!

moon app – i use an app called ‘moon phases and lunar calendar’ (the icon is just a photo of the moon in the night) to track the moon cycle. it tells you when the moon rises and sets so you know when it’s out and tells you which zodiac sign the moon is in which is super cool. you can also track the sun with the same app and tells you when the full/new moon is.

gel nail kit – i obviously don’t use this everyday but its always on my nails! i got a gel led lamp as a gift a couple years ago and at the beginning of this year bought some gel polishes to use with it. i grow out my natural nails, file them to shape and then paint them with gel polishes i got on amazon. most of the ones i have are from the brand ‘beetles’ on amazon. i love the way it turns out and it looks pretty much like i went to the salon but way more convenient and less expensive for sure!

the book ‘journey to the heart’ by melanie beattie – this book gives like a little page or less cute little story or self-help type paragraph for each day of the year! i read the page for the day most days and always love it. such a good book with a positive impact on my mornings.

xoxo carly

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