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a few months ago i saw my girl natalie from capturinglifeoncamera do a post like this where she shared some things that she uses everyday and i loved the idea! so in todays post i’m going to be sharing some things i use everyday and love. i hope you enjoy:)

my airpods case. until recently i had never seen the point in buying a case for my airpods but i genuinely recommend it. mine are really scratched up and i had lost them a few times before having a case but now they don’t get scratched and they clip to things so they don’t get lost in my bag. i thought they were lost for a few days when they went into one of my shoes in my bag…

target id pouch/small wallet. i feel like in the past year i have gone through so many other ways to hold my cards, ids and cash and this is my favorite. i can move it into any bag i’m using or just carry it on it’s own. i also was able to put my housekey and soon my car key on here so everything is in one place.

hydroflask (water bottle). drinking enough water has endless benefits and is so good for you so another essential just has to be my hydroflask cause 1. i’m generic and 2. it keeps my water cold.

my rings. rings are my favorite accessory ever and it’s gotten to the point where i don’t feel like myself without them! these are my favorite three but i have a bunch more i rotate around with. one is from pura vida, one from pura vida and one from my grandma. my other ones are from random places cause i buy a bunch from depop.

cross earrings. i bought these earrings off of depop from an account called rachellclothes because i had lost my old ones and i missed wearing them. they are so cute and were really cheap as well.

bracelets. i love wearing jewelry, especially lately and that includes these bracelets. the scrunchie is from hawaii, the colored beaded ones are from target and the sparkly one was a gift.

chain purse from target. it took me so long to find my perfect purse and i would say i have found it! i really like how simply and minimalistic this purse is cause it goes with everything. it has just enough room for my wallet, phone and any other small things i could need.

sheamoisture castor oil. i started using this oil for my lashes not too long ago and i already notice the biggest difference. thanks to this oil i don’t ever wear my mascara anymore which if you knew me before is shocking.

fresh soy face cleanser. it took me too long to invest in a good cleanser like this one. it was a skin game-changer when i got this cleanser! i seriously can’t recommend it enough for any skin type or problem ever.

essential oils. for christmas i got a diffuser and that has changed everything. i use these in my diffuser and in my showerhead cause it makes my showers extra relaxing and has a bit of aromatherapy to it too. my favorites are orange, lavender and eucalyptus. i also really want to get another rose one cause i love that scent.

yogi green tea + matcha. lastly, for some weird reason i haven’t been drinking as much coffee as normal which is really weird for me. but instead of those extra cups i’ve been drinking green tea and matcha lattes. both of which are so good!

i hope you enjoyed this post and have a great week!

xoxo carly

Carly Allison

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