things i learned in 2021

things i learned in 2021

happy new year! sending all good energy for 2022! todays post is definitely a cliche one but i’m writing down some lessons i learned this year because i learned a lot.

i. whoever said that gut feelings are guardian angels is very correct

ii. the closer your mind is to the present moment, the happier you are

iii. what energy and words you put out is usually what you receive back

iv. make time for the things that make you happy

v. holding on to feelings and thoughts that don’t serve you only builds resentment inside yourself

vi. putting time and energy into relationships with others is huge and every type of friendship or relationship is special in its own way

vii. sometimes you just have to let things roll off you, observe a thought and let it go

viii. less is more and keeping things simple helps with stress and anxiety lots

ix. trying new things keeps things interesting and fun! getting out of your shell as well!

x. how important it is to let go of the need for control, will be working on this in 2022

sending love for the upcoming year,

xoxo carly

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