the best avocado toast

the best avocado toast

for today’s post i’m going to be sharing a quick little recipe that i’ve been obsessed with lately. i’ve always loved avocado toast but i’ve majorly boosted my recipe and made my toast so much better and more nutritious too!

the bread- i have two favorite types of bread for toast, either a sourdough/hearth from a bakery or the dave’s killer bread 21 grain which is what i used in this picture and most of the time. then i just pop that in the toaster.

avocado mixture- as for the avocado, i put a half or a bit more into a bowl. then i add a little lemon juice from a small chunk of lemon in the bowl. i mash that up with a fork and add some salt and mix it all up. after it’s all mixed up, i spread it on the bread.

toppings- on top of the avocado i dump on a generous amount of hemp seeds. i love these to add an extra nutritional boost on top. then i add a bunch of spouts; broccoli, bean and arugula are sprouts i typically use. finally i add on the trader joes everything but the bagel seasoning on top! i love this seasoning for avocado toast and the sprouts on it are amazing.

this is such a simple recipe but it’s really good! i hope you enjoyed this little recipe and have a great week<33

xo carly

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