talking social media interview with colby isabel

talking social media interview with colby isabel

For today’s post I interviewed one of my best friends Colby Isabel about social media. I put together some questions about the mental health effects surrounding it, how she uses it and all that. Her answers are super good and I hope this post inspires you guys since her answers definitely did me!

Introduce Yourself
Hi, I’m Colby! I’m based in the United States, where I run a lifestyle YouTube channel, Colby Isabel. Over on my channel, I post primarily short-films and vlogs. I also adore writing, and am currently working on my first book, which I hope to finish by the time quarantine ends. You can find me on Instagram (though I rarely use it) @c01bs, or over on my website,

What do you think of social media?
I think that social media can be a wonderful outlet to share and connect with others. In fact, I’ve met some of my closest friends (including Carly) through social media, and I wouldn’t trade those friendships for the world. I’ve also been able to use social media to share my passion projects (such as writing and video) . With that said, I think we often forget how important it is to take breaks from social media- it can be so detrimental to your mental health and wellbeing.

What do you think of Instagram? Why have you stopped using it?
My relationship with Instagram dates back to 2012, when I was 9. Over time, I’ve found that Instagram sets me back a lot in terms of my relationship with myself. Self-confidence and body image issues are very prevalent in my life, and the constant comparison that Instagram can offer is very toxic for me. I began oversharing, and things got a little messy for a while. I’m trying to ease back into it though, because I definitely miss sharing and seeing what others have to share, too.

How has lessening your time on social media improved your life?
I’ve really begun to understand that just because someone’s social media life looks perfect, their “real” life may not look as wonderful. Stories are important, and everyone has their own unique story, each with difficult chapters. By not using social media as much, I’ve been able to check in on my friends more and try to help them through difficult chapters. I’ve also been so much more productive and all around more joyful.

What social media do you use still?
I still use Instagram, but not as frequently as I used to. Now, I spend much more time on Pinterest (the ideas are ENDLESS) and Twitter.

How does YouTube play in?
YouTube is like my safe place, and it’s been that way for nearly six years. While other social medias bring me a lot of stress and a “comparison” feeling, YouTube doesn’t really do that for me. YouTube encourages me to work harder and create and improve. My videos don’t get millions of views, but I’m happy with what I make, and that’s enough of a reward.

I hope you enjoyed this post and don’t forget to check out Colby’s YouTube, Instagram and Blog!

xoxo carly

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