sweet potato & kale tahini salad bowl

sweet potato & kale tahini salad bowl

hi and welcome back to my blog. for today’s post i’m sharing a little salad recipe i’ve been loving lately. it’s a spin-off on a salad i bought at whole foods a couple months back and really loved! lots of plant-based proteins and super tasty.

ingredients: sweet potato (this one was a white sweet potato, tastes the same), tofu (optional), quinoa, dino kale, chickpeas, tahini, lemon, and cumin

  1. start by cutting up your sweet potato and tofu into cubes. then add those to a pan (starting with the sweet potato for a couple minutes longer) with olive oil and let them cook.
  2. also begin cooking the quinoa
  3. strain the chickpeas a little and then add your chickpeas to a container. add a good amount of cumin, maybe a 2/3 teaspoon depending on how many chickpeas you have, and shake the container to disperse the cumin. it should stick to the chickpeas so just make sure its dispersed evenly. you can also add a little lemon juice to the mix if you’d like.
  4. once the quinoa, sweet potato, and tofu are all done cooking, add them to a large bowl and put the bowl in the refrigerator for a little bit.
  5. to make the tahini dressing, add some tahini and water (equal parts) to a bowl with cumin and lemon juice. mix that all up and its really good.
  6. chop up the dino kale and once the cooked items have cooled, add to the bowl. also add the chickpeas and lastly, the dressing.

this is also really good for meal prep, you can make the salad as normal and then just leave the dressing in a separate container and put it all in the refrigerator to have later on. (maybe skip the tofu if saving for longer)

xoxo carly

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