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summer try-on clothing haul

i’ve been doing a bit of shopping lately… so here’s a haul!! i got some clothes for my birthday so if any of my family is reading this, thank you so much. and the best i bought myself or needed. i’m literally obsessed with all the clothes in this haul and i’d say it’s my best haul yet!!

the first thing i got from brandy melville was this tee shirt with these super cute flowers! i love how cute and girly this top is. i kinda have a love-hate relationship with brandy melville because all of their clothes are so cute and i love them all but the whole “one size fits all” thing is really annoying and not true! the next thing i got at brandy was these basic pants that everyone has but i love them!! their so comfortable and i’ve been wearing them so much ever since i got them. the last thing i got at brandy melville was this lavender purple button crop top! i love the scoop neck on this top and the color is super pretty.

the first pair i got was a style i’ve been wanting for a while now, paperbag shorts!! these are so cute and different which i love, they pair really well with any kind of bodysuit or cropped top. the next thing i ordered from american eagle was this pair of basic ripped denim shorts! these shorts are the most comfortable ever and they’re super soft for denim shorts which i love. the next and last pair of shorts i bought was a pair of mom shorts. these are super loose and comfortable to wear and also super soft!

literally none of my jeans fit me so i made an order on hollister of 4 pairs! the first pair i bought was these dark wash mom jeans. these don’t have any rips so my dad was happy but they’re also super soft and comfortable to wear. the next pair i got was the exact opposite, super ripped light wash mom jeans! i’m such a huge fan of these jeans and you know i love my ripped jeans and my baggy jeans. the next pair i got was a little more out there for me but i’m actually a huge fan and that is these white ripped skinny jeans. i’ve actually been seriously loving these though so i’m so glad i did order them. lastly i just got a pair of super basic light wash skinny jeans. these are just a staple basic so of course i had to get one pair.

i’ve been super into leopard print so when i saw this top i had to get it! i’ve also been super into the scrunched top with ties at the bottom trend. i think this top will be perfect for summer parties and concerts and i can’t wait to wear it. then at pacsun, i got this denim skirt! i love the multicolored denim and the fraying at the bottom. this is such a cute skirt and denim skirts are seriously the best.

the last thing i got was this pair of white nike air forces!! i got these for my birthday from my lovely grandparents so if you’re reading this, thank you so much i’m obsessed. these are the low top sage pair and i think they’re more chunky then the normal ones which i love.

i hope you enjoyed this post and have a great day!!🕊🦋🌿👼🏻

xo carly

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  1. I love that black denim skirt!

  2. I love the mom jeans and shorts.

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