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summer grwm (makeup, hair & outfit)

I thought I’d share the makeup, hair and outfit I’ve been loving this summer!! I’d say this is a pretty quick look for makeup, it looks like it took longer, it just took around 10-15 minutes. I do this or a variation of this whenever I go out with friends, take photos, etc. I also have a few everyday things I do with my hair and an outfit I’ve loved recently 🙂

Starting off with sunscreen!! It is so important to wear sunscreen especially in the summer to avoid getting skin cancer in the future!! I use the Neutrogena face one because my dermatologist recommended it to me and it doesn’t break me out. Then on to priming my face, I use the Too Faced Hangover RX Primer. This is such an amazing primer, it really helps my makeup look so much better and it’s really nice on my skin too. I used to never use primer but I love that it keeps your makeup out your skin and even when you’re not wearing makeup, it can just make your skin look a little fresher.

After primer I go in with B.B. cream, I’ve actually only worn foundation maybe once or twice this summer. I love just using a light B.B. cream like this one from Pacifica, to even my skin tone just a bit! Since B.B. cream doesn’t cover everything, I will go in with concealer. I’ll just apply a few dots of this on any spots and honestly concealer is one of my favorite inventions…

Moving on to eyeshadow, I’ll be using the blushed nudes palette but I’ve also been loving the Milani everyday eyes palette! This is such stunning palette and I love pink tones. I start off by applying this matte, light pinky-nude all over my lid. I use a fluffy brush to really blend this in. Then using the same brush cause I’m nasty, I apply a darker shimmery pink into my crease and just blend. That’s it but I feel like this looks like I tried a whole lot more than I did!

Finishing off with makeup, I use a Clinique brow pencil to fill in my brows! I love filling in my brows and I think it makes the biggest quick difference. Then I set my face with the NYX setting spray before mascara so it doesn’t get wet! I use the Lash Sensational mascara on my top and bottom lashes. I got the waterproof version this time, which is perfect for summer cause as I learned a few days ago, you never know when you want to go for a swim 😉

Moving to hair, almost all summer I either curl my hair, leave it natural or do 2 dutch braids! I love dutch braids so I 10/10 recommend those. Since I was going out though I curled it using my Bedhead Curlipops curling wand! First off that’s a really cute name but this is seriously the best curler I’ve ever used and I got obsessed with curling my hair after getting it. I use relatively small chunks and the glove it came with to just well, curl my hair.

For my outfit, I wore this to University Village with my bestie! It’s a tank top from Brandy Melville that we both bought that day and a pair of flowy pink shorts. I forgot where the shorts were from but I’ve seen a similar pair at American Eagle. Of course I also had a pink scrunchie on my wrist and my Old Skool vans!

I hope you enjoyed this post & have an amazing day loves!!

<3 Carly

Carly Allison

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  1. Love this post Carly! Your pics look so amazing with all that tropical vibes! I absolutely love that palette- I love pink tones too! Also, your outfit is STUNNING! super pretty girl
    El x

    1. thank you so much ella!!

  2. I have that same mascara just the curvitude version. That’s a cute outfit too. 💛

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