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summer 2019 recap + highlights

summer nineteen was the best summer of my life and this post is here to recap it and show the highlights of it, i hope you enjoy and here was my summer! to start off my summer i travelled to hawaii with my sister, mom and grandparents! it was an incredible trip and check out all the posts from that in my travel section:) a few days later after getting home i spent three days with my bestie including the fourth of july and we went to a party together. then i went to the tacoma khalid concert which was amazing!! then i went to summer camp for two weeks and i have a post on that too which was an incredible and life changing two weeks. when i got home i went to two more parties and then a skate night! so much funnn!! i also just chilled with my friends a bunch and got surgery… to finish off my august, i went to ocean shores with my family. then just chilled with my friends for a bit and then finished off my summer on orcas island! i hope you enjoyed this quick recap and mostly just some aesthetic pics you may haven’t have seen yet and bye summer 19, the best one yet:) xoxo carly

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