some outfits with clothes i crocheted

some outfits with clothes i crocheted

hi welcome back to my blog! for today’s post i’m going to share a little crochet lookbook. i love crocheting and i’ve made so much stuff for my friends, family, and self. i’ve put together some outfits/some ways i styled crochet pieces, i hope you enjoy!

my first piece is this crochet checkered scarf! i made this with alternating colors every few stitches (i did double crochets) in dark brown and a pretty cream color. it’s getting warmer here so i probably won’t wear this much until next winter but it’s so cute! i styled it with this big white puffer, h&m black flared jeans, and a tank top from brandy melville that just says ‘new york’ in red letters. i also paired it with black converse but docs would be super cute as well!

my next piece is my favorite top i’ve made so far. i followed this youtube tutorial for it and added a few extra rows on the edges for a better fit for me. also for crochet tops, i always sew a soft fabric on the inside to line the boob-area. it’s inspired by an urban outfitters tank top from 2016 but i love it! will definitely be wearing it this summer and can’t wait. i styled it here with a brandy melville cream-colored pleated tennis skirt and docs here but it would definitely be cuter with a white skirt to match. it would also be super cute with any jean shorts, especially white/cream or black ones.

i saw the cutest crochet granny square bags on instagram and got super inspired to make a bunch of my own. i used the same granny square pattern as the halter top above and made 19 of them. i made the front and back each 3 by 2 squares and put 3 for the base and 2 for each side. after sewing them all together in this pattern, i did a couple rows of double crochets around the top. then i did some chains on each side to make straps and did a few more rows of double crochets all around, including the straps. i love the size of this bag, it fits so much stuff. for the outfit, i paired it with a basic white headband, some cream cargo pants from pacsun and a thrifted free people black top that’s similar to a thermal but with cute ruffled edges. also paired with docs but converse are super cute too.

the last outfit i put together is my favorite. i paired this forest green cardigan with an american eagle dress with the cutest green gingham pattern with a bustier-style front. i followed this pattern to make this cardigan and used a soft mixed green yarn to make it! been loving monochrome outfits lately so i’ll definitely wear this a bunch. i also made another bag like the one in the previous outfit but bigger and with all brown and green shades. i paired it with this outfit and added doc marten boots and some butterfly hair clips!

i hope you enjoyed this post and maybe got some crochet or general outfit inspo!!!!

xoxo carly

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