some of my favorite routines

some of my favorite routines

hi and welcome back to my blog! for today’s post i’m sharing a couple little routines i do either throughout the day or week that i love. i think that life is made up of little routines and even small ones can make the biggest difference.

movement / workout routine

i actually love my little workout routine. i do pilates-style workouts most days. i’ve tried a bunch of forms of workouts i didn’t really like doing but i’ve been doing this one for almost a year and i still like it! my favorites are tasha franken’s videos (some are on youtube/her igtv) and the alexis ren ab videos. i also like melissa wood health, she has some videos on youtube too. all of these are really chill but still give a good burn and really feel-good after! (also results if i’m doing them consistently!) i just do whatever length and focus area i feel like that day and i love it.

am walk routine

i also love love going on walks. an amazing form of movement that is super relaxing and nice! i have a special little morning routine when i do walk and i do it a couple times a week. i will make a coffee or sometimes buy one and drive usually to a nearby beach area. i will just go for a walk and listen to a podcast or music and it’s such a nice way to start my day! i like walking at the beach in the morning in the summer since it’s so pretty but neighborhood walks are super nice too.

at-home beauty things

i have a couple little at-home beauty routines that save me lots of money that i love! one is gel nails, i have a gel nail led lamp (on amazon for maybe $30) and i bought some of my favorite nail shades (also on amazon). i use these to do my own gel nails a couple times a month! it’s really really easy to do, you do a base coat, color coat, and a top coat. and it’s applied like normal nail polish and then just set under the led lamp. as long as i apply it carefully/neatly, it looks just like salon gel.

relaxing before bed routine

my night routine is a short one but it’s great for relaxing before bed. after i do all the boring bedtime things, shower, brush teeth, pajamas, etc, i put away my phone and read until i’m ready to fall asleep. just reading before bed makes the biggest difference in my sleep and i love this little routine. two books i’ve been read lately are sally rooney’s normal people & conversations with friends, i loved both!

i hope you enjoyed this post and have a great week,

xo carly

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