some journaling ideas & prompts

some journaling ideas & prompts

hi welcome back to my blog! for today’s post i’m going to be sharing some little journal ideas and prompts that i love. i try and journal whenever i feel like it and love how it really helps me stay present and mindful. also definitely didn’t come up with these, most i saw originally on pinterest and instagram:)

the first is one i saw on tiktok and i really loved it, it’s called the 10-10-10 worksheet. basically you write the numbers 1 through 10 in 3 sections. for the first 10 section, write your top 10 most exciting desires. for the second 10, write 10 things you are grateful for. for the third 10, write 10 things you love to do. i love how this idea helps you feel inspired and motivated for the future, grateful for the now and reminds you of some things you love.

the next idea is to do some reflecting prompts for the beginning of the month or new moon cycle. some of my favorites are to…

  • write a list of things you want more of in the next month or moon cycle and the things you want less of, these can be emotions, actions, ways you spend your time, etc.
  • some new things you want to try
  • what you want to focus on in the next month/moon
  • writing down some highlights or things you’ve been enjoying

lastly, here are some of my favorite prompts that can fit in whenever…

  • what is your highest self (the person you want to be)?
  • what can you do today/this week to work towards your highest self?
  • when are you the happiest?
  • how can you support others today/this week?
  • do a tarot card reading, then reflect on it.
  • what holds value is what you put value in, what do you value?
  • what feelings do you want to bring into your life?
  • how can you bring those feelings in?
  • what have you been neglecting?

and that’s all for some of my favorite prompts at the moment, i hope this post gave you some ideas for your journal or inspires you to start one.

xo carly

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