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skincare routine & how i cleared my skin

my skin has actually been improving so much lately!! it got really bad at the end of summer and beginning of school but it’s gotten so much better. i wanted to share my routine along with a few tips!! most of these products were recommended by my dermatologist and they seriously help so much. so here is my routine!

+ cleanser

every morning and night i use the target daily facial cleanser! this is just a super basic cleanser that just cleans your face, nothing crazy. my dermatologist recommended me to use this cetaphil since it’s gentle and she’s recommended using it with the retinoid she also recommended (i’ll explain later in this post) but i’m just finishing off this bottle because there’s a target generic brand of “cetaphil” that is cruelty-free i plan to switch to because it’s basically the same!

+ scrub

as for exfoliating, i use the c&c “black out” coffee scrub a few times a week! this smells so refreshing and feels so good on the skin. i got a sample of this sent from them and i loved it so much i bought a full size version! it’s so good and i find it really effective for helping my skin.

+ toner

i tone with the thayers rose witch hazel with aloe! this is such an amazing toner for chilling out my skin! i love it!! this toner helps with acne so so much and is such a lifesaver. it’s alcohol free and really calming so it doesn’t irritate acne anymore and helps calm it!

+ moisturizer

i also use coconut oil to moisturize my skin!! it has literally saved my skin and makes it so moisturized!! i use it every morning and night and it helps so much with acne scars and making your skin radiant and healthy.

+ treatment

here’s the big one for what really made the biggest difference in my skin and that is retinoids!! specifically adapolene gel! i got this originally prescribed by my dermatologist but now it’s available over the counter too. i apply this at the end every night and it’s made such a difference in my acne!!

+ facemasks!!

after washing my face, a few times a few i’ll use a facemask! i have these two amazing ones from freeman!! they’re so good and really inexpensive too. i have the cucumber renewing peel off mask which is super relaxing and fun to peel. the other one i got was the black gel exfoliating mask! this ones really got for when your skin just feels gross like after a workout or practice. the other mask i love is the indian healing clay mask which i mix with apple cider vinegar! this is such an amazing and powerful mask. it literally makes your blackheads DISAPPEAR. there’s also one that comes in a packet that’s a black peel off one form 7th heaven that’s amazing for anything acne!

my acne story…

here is the before and after… i’m really scared to put this on the internet but here you go! the left photo was taken at the beginning of september and the right was taken 3 days ago! i’ve has acne for almost 4 years and it hasn’t been too bad until the last 2 years. it’s not 100% clear but i’ve definitely gotten rid of 99% of it and that’s pretty damn good for me!! i still have some scarring on my forehead and a little scarring on the sides of my cheeks but it’s a pretty dramatic difference!

as for some other tips…

  • wash your bedsheets/pillows
  • aloe vera helps with body acne too!
  • drink lots of water (so basic but for real)
  • stay consistent with your routine
  • see a dermatologist (what saved me)
  • wear light makeup while treating
  • don’t touch your face!! (this is key but i suck at it yikes)

i hope you enjoyed this post and it helps you out!! acne sucks but it doesn’t make you any less beautiful!! seriously!!

<33 carlyy💛🌻⚡️

Carly Allison

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  1. I loved this post. My skin is always going is cycles of being really clear, then really inflamed. Basically, I just pick at it too much. I’ve gotten better than I used to, but it’s still a bit of a struggle. 😕 I haven’t tried any of the products you mentioned, but I’ll definitely check them out!

    Also, you were really brave to share these photos. 💗🙌

    1. yess same!! mine blew up after i posted this but what can you do🤷🏼‍♀️

      aww thank you!! i was honestly terrified to put them on the internet but i know they would help the post be better <3

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