roasted chickpea avocado toast

roasted chickpea avocado toast

hi welcome back to my blog! i was going to do a couple of different meal ideas but ended up not liking any of the others as much as this one. so today’s post is about this roasted chickpea avocado toast i’ve been making lately!

to cook the chickpeas, i first drain them and add them to a pan on the stove with a little olive oil. i let them cook a little bit before adding the spices. i love adding coriander, smoked paprika, and the simply organics herbs de provence herb seasoning! i let them get a bit crispy before taking them off the stove.

for the avocado part i add an avocado and a little lemon juice to a bowl and mash it up. i also add a little of the everything but the bagel seasoning to the mixture. i also put a piece or two of bread in the toaster, i’ve made it with dave’s grains and seeds killer bread and a bakery/artisan style one and both were really good.

lastly to put it all together, i add the avocado on the toast, add the roasted chickpeas on top, and finish off with either sprouts or arugula, both are really good!

i hope you enjoyed this simple little recipe post<3

xoxo carly

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