perfecting my morning routine

since being in iso/lockdown/quarantine i’ve been trying to find the routine that works the best for me to get done what i need to get done and what i want to get done. i’m still working on following this every day but i do it most days and i love when i do it because it really helps.

the first thing i do when i wake up is take out my retainers and chug some water from my bottle by my bed. this just helps me wake up easier and you wake up dehydrated from not drinking water for like 7 or 8 hours. then i grab my phone and will just read my notifications and reply to any important texts. i really try not to go on social media right away because then i could sit in bed forever and never get anything done.

then i get out of bed and i go downstairs to make breakfast. i’m 100% a breakfast person and always wake up hungry. this morning i had cashew yogurt with berries and granola. i’ve been loving this ever since i tried the trader joe’s cashew yogurt, it’s my favorite yogurt alternative. also i love having fruit in the morning because i find it helps with bloating in the morning and is obviously super good. i also have coffee every morning (and sometimes afternoon too) so i make that. while i eat is when i typically check social media in the morning.

when i go back upstairs i’ll usually start a podcast or music and clean up my room if i need to. i also make my bed because that really helps me not get back into my bed later on. i also write a to-do list of things i want to get done that day. this really helps me make sure i don’t forget anything and helps me feel a lot less stress.

then i get changed into workout stuff to workout. i’ve really been missing the gym ever since the whole quarantine thing started so i’ve been working out at home to try and make up for it. my next post is actually going to be my at-home workout routine so lookout for that. i also love the chloe ting workouts if you’re looking for a video.

after working out i shower and get dressed for the day. i really try not to wear pj’s all day because it makes you feel so unproductive, so i’ll change into some sort of lounge wear. then for hair i’ll just put in a curl creme of some sort and let it airdry. for makeup i only wear mascara normally so i just do mascara. my favorite mascara right now is the wet n wild mega length one. then i just get into my schoolwork or whatever else i’m going for the day.

i hope you enjoyed this post and it gave you some morning motivation!

xoxo carly

Carly Allison

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  1. Noemi Grochowska says:

    earn will the new podcast come?? your breakfast look soo yummy!

    1. thank you! sorry i’ve been slacking big time on the podcast but i definitely want to get back into it this summer<3

  2. I love this! That cashew yogurt with fruit and granola looks so good!

    1. it was and thank you love

    2. thank youuu<3

  3. I loved this post! I’m trying to figure out a morning routine that keeps me productive because I’ve been sleeping in too much which leaves me feeling gross

    1. ahh yes i struggled with the same thing at the beginning!

    2. thank you! totally get that, it took a lot of trial and error to find the right one for me!

  4. loved reading this routine! you’re so productive in the mornings unlike me :(( i really need my morning motivation back! great post x
    by mills x

    1. awwh thank you! i hope you get it back, getting up before going on your phone really helps xx

    2. thank youuu!! you got this!!

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