my spring/summer favorites

my spring/summer favorites

hi welcome back to my blog! for today’s post i’m doing a favorites post, i love making these and putting together my wellness, beauty, fashion, books, podcast, etc. favorites from the past few months.

starting off with some of my beauty favorites,

first aid beauty ultra repair cream, i bought this product after my skin had a reaction to an acne treatment and was super super dry and it is such a lifesaver! probably one of my favorite products ever now, it helped soothe my skin and helps so much with dryness and i have a feeling i’m going to be using this for a long time. really recommend this to anyone with dry or sensitive skin!

cover girl cream blush, i recently got this since my skin can be too dry for powder products sometimes and it’s my new favorite makeup product. it’s perfect for summer and gives the best little blush glow to your face! i got the shade butterflies which is like a deeper almost purple-toned shade which i’ve been loving.

laneige lip mask, i got this as a little sample product for my sephora birthday gift last month and i love it! i’ve heard people talk about this product forever but i didn’t think it could be that good, but it is. it also seems to last a really long time compared to a normal lip balm which is always great, will definitely be getting the full size version when the sample runs out!

dry brushing, i bought a dry brush recently and learned how to do it and i’ve been using it before showering and it makes such a difference for exfoliation and especially for summer! definitely look up how to do it properly but basically you brush your body going towards your heart.

& a couple of fashion favorites,

h&m denim shorts, i got a couple pairs for summer since i really needed some new pairs and i loved h&m jeans, and i love the shorts too! i got a pair of black cutoffs and blue denim cutoffs and both are so comfy and cute. if you need shorts for summer, definitely check out h&m!

h&m dresses, been really loving h&m lately but i also got two dresses from their and they are so cute! i got this black one with the cutest little bow straps and ruffled front and this flowered one with little buttons and puffy sleeves. i love dresses for summer and if you need summer dresses, definitely check them out too!

some little wellness things,

sandalwood incense, my mom got some a pack of sandalwood scent incense for my birthday this year because it reminds us of a trip we took when i was a kid to new mexico that was absolutely amazing. i love the scent of it though and it definitely takes me back, but it’s a super relaxing and nice scent to burn!

dr teals foaming bath, this is just like a bubble bath but it’s super relaxing! one of my favorites is the hemp seed oil one, i love baths and this is such a nice scent and really relaxing. i also love the lavender and pink himalayan salt ones. the epsom salts in all of them are really good for achey muscles too.

lastly, some book and podcast favorites…

madhappy podcast, if you’re on social media you probably know madhappy or have seen their crew necks somewhere. they just launched a podcast all about mental health and so far have featured a couple really cool people talking about mental health!

welcome to paradise podcast, i’ve followed sophia’s instagram for a while and was so excited to see that she started a podcast too!

the dry by jane harper, i just did a book recs blog post so i have only one to include here but i just finished this one and it was a really good mystery!

i hope you enjoyed this post,

xoxo carly

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