my skincare routine

welcome back to my blog! in today’s post i’m going to be sharing my skincare routine. i used to have really bad acne but i made some lifestyle changes and it’s gotten a lot better. now i would say i have normal skin that will get small breakouts sometimes. these products help my skin stay mostly clear and balanced, i can’t recommend them enough.

morning skincare

in the morning, i start off by washing my face with the fresh soy face cleanser. this is one of my favorite products here, it leaves my skin feeling so good. then i use the fresh black tea essence. this makes my skin feel so smooth and glowy. lastly i use the pacifica dreamy youth moisturizer. its such a great drugstore moisturizer, it leaves your skin glowy but not oily at all!

nightime skincare

at night i wash my face with the same fresh cleanser. i’ll use it in either the shower or just wash my face with it. then i use the thayers witch hazel toner. this is such a great toner for acne and any sort of blemishes or breakouts. afterwards i use the ordinary retinol in squalene. this has helped any breakouts or scarring i get so much. depending on the dryness level of my skin i will either use the same pacifica moisturizer or the fresh black tea corset cream if my skin is really dry. i finish off the routine with the fresh black tea eye cream which just gets rid of any dryness or irritation around my eyes. it’s also supposed to be anti-aging but that not something i would know yet, buut it does help with my under-eye bags. lastly, if i have a bad pimple i will use the mario badescu drying lotion to help get rid of it


i have two facemasks which i use just when i feel like it that really help with little breakouts and problems with my skin. one of them is the pacifica kale charcoal mask which is really good for breakouts and blackheads. the other one is the pacifica pore refine mask. this one is really good for scarring and clogged pores. this next product isn’t really skincare but it does have to do with your face so i thought i would share and that is castor oil. i bought the shea moisture castor oil for my lashes because i haven’t been wearing makeup like at all in the past month. this oil helps your lashes grow and thicken!

thank you so much for reading and i hope this post helps you out!

xoxo carly

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