shower routine

shower routine

hey hi hello. for today’s post i’m doing a post on some of my favorite products and things i use in the shower!

starting off, i take like semi cold showers. i start off the water a bit warmer and then slowly cool it down so by the time i wash my hair it’s colder. i think the cold water really helps refresh me, helps my skin a lot and my hair comes out of the shower much softer!

to wash my face i use the soy face cleanser by fresh. i love this cleanser, super gentle and simple!

to wash my body i use the dr bronners tea tree and hemp soap. this is such a versatile product and i love it. it comes in a big bottle and lasts forever and you can use it for so much! i also use it to shave which i’m not going to recommend since you’re supposed to use shaving cream but that’s what i do.

for exfoliating (once or twice a week), rather than a scrub i stick to my usual body wash but use an exfoliating glove! mine was sent to me with a self tan kit but any sort of glove is great. i prefer it to a loofah since it stays cleaner and doesn’t hold much like nasty stuff in it.

for hair i use the shea moisture coconut shampoo and conditioner for all hair types. this duo is really good for soft hair and i just generally really love it.

after shower, besides my skincare, i use two products. i always apply a body lotion, my favorite is a cocoa butter one because i love the smell and it makes your skin really soft. i use the queen helene one that i got from bartell drugs which is just a drugstore in seattle but there’s probably so many good ones out there too. the second product is the pacifica salty waves which is like a hair balm/creme that adds texture to your hair. i’ve especially loved this since cutting my hair short back in june.

i hope you enjoyed this post and maybe got some product recommendations if you needed them!!!

xoxo carly

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