my room tour

my room tour

hi welcome back to my blog!! for today’s post i’m sharing how i redecorated my room and giving a little photo tour of it. i redo my room all the time but this time i think it will last because i really like it! i go for as much as a simple design as i can while having everything i want in the room.

to the left of my door i have my dresser and mirrors. my dresser is from ikea and it has 6 huge drawers which i love since it fits so much. on top and to the left i have my skincare products on a little wood circle from the craft store. next to that, i have a little succulent plant in a clear glass and a teacup (from goodwill) with some lip balms, jewelry and hair stuff. i also have my most used perfume and jade gua sha tool. on the right i have my alexa speaker, another plant, a polaroid photo from pike place flower market, some crystals and a wireless phone charger. above my dresser i have a square mirror and a matisse print. i got a set of matisse prints on etsy and then got them printed at costco. next to my dresser is a huge plant and my full length mirror. it’s weird to have both mirrors but the square one is drilled into the wall and the wall would look ugly if it was removed now. my full length mirror is from target and next to it is a gold moon phase hanging.

the wall to the right just has my big window on it and then my desk. on my windowsill i have some incense and a little jade plant. i tried not having a desk in my room because it made it more open but it definitely made me less productive so i brought it back. above my desk is a hanging angel wings plant and to the left, a matisse print. on my desk i usually just keep my journal and sometimes my computer. for decor i have a little circle mirror, an elephant bush plant, a mini houseplant calendar my grandma got me and candles. underneath is just a bunch of school notebooks and textbooks.

and then lastly is my bed and nightstand. i got this bed for christmas from ikea and i love it. my old bed was super high and old and this one is much lower which makes it seem bigger too. above my bed i have another matisse print from etsy that i got printed 20 by 30. my bed just has a squared white comforter (i got a size bigger than my bed so it would be oversized!), matching pillows, a fuzzy throw and a bohemian rug style throw. next to my bed i have a nightstand that’s super old but i like the little blue knob. on it is a salt rock lamp (obsessed with this), a cactus, my diffuser, more crystals and usually a water bottle. i also have fresh chamomile flowers on my nightstand right now which i love!on the little shelf attached underneath has a few of my favorite books (twilight, gone girl, etc.), my camera and some vitamins. lastly i have a small fluffy rug also from a ikea between my bed and closet.

i hope you enjoyed this post and have an amazing rest of your day,

xoxo carly

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