my room tour 2020

so obviously we all are stuck at home and if you’re not umm please go home so quarantine can end sooner, but i decided to completely redo my room. i moved literally everything and painted my nightstand and desk! i felt like that definitely deserved a new tour since i’m absolutely in love with it. my room kinda has like a celestial theme cause a lot of my decor is moon and star stuff because it’s my favorite! also so sorry but i don’t know where most of my furniture is from cause almost everything was bought when i was a kid.

when you walk into my room to the right of the door is my dresser. my dresser the only thing i know where it’s from and it is the tyssedal dresser from ikea. on top i have some plants, candles and to the right my makeup drawers. i don’t really own makeup besides mascara so it mostly stores jewelry and hair accessories. on top of it i have some perfumes and a teacup with more hair accessories and earrings. above is a poster i got at store in tacoma and has the stars each month. i also painted my lightswitch with the zodiac constellations.

to the right of that i have my desk area. the desk and matching chair are just white and there’s two drawers. one just has a bunch of school stuff and the other one has skincare products. on top i have a wooden circle with my everyday skincare cause i think the products are really cute. i have a little calendar with succulents and a fake plant. i also currently have all the rest of my school stuff normally in my backpack on there. above my desk i have my polaroid wall.

on the wall my desk is on i have my big window and to the right of that is my mirror. i put this up when my desk was over there but i kinda like it there now. above my bed i have these three moon, sun and star posters i bought on etsy and printed at costco. i also have some fairy lights from target above the headboard. as for my bed i just have a white comforter and light purple sheets. i also have two throw pillows from target and world market and a blanket from target.

next to my bed i have my nightstand that i just painted white from blue. on it i have my water bottle and my phone when it’s charging. for decoration i have a lush book with a candle, light up cloud and diffuser. underneath it i have a little container with some camera stuff, melatonin, a few books and some random stuff.

next to my nightstand i have my mirror. it has like a patterned border and is propped up on a white crate cause it’s meant for the back of a door but i wanted it over here. above it i have a dream catcher i made forever ago and then my closet. i keep my closet pretty organized but in there is all my shirts, shoe shelf, laundry basket, suitcases and extra bags. on the right of my closet doors i have this phases of the moon hanging i made forever ago!

i hope you enjoyed this post and have a great week!

xoxo carly

Carly Allison

blogging about everything i love :)

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  1. I love your room!

    1. awh thank uu

  2. Your room is gorgeous

    1. thank u so much

  3. Jenna says:

    Such a cute room! I love how minimalist it is – definitely want to focus on blacks and whites with pops of green when I move into my new place this summer. Thanks for sharing!
    Jenna ♥

    1. thank you so much and that sounds so cute

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