my nighttime routine

my nighttime routine

hi welcome back to my blog. for today’s post i’m writing a little nighttime routine! also going to share my skincare routine, how i organize school assignments, and a couple books i’ve loved lately.

my night routine definitely changes a bit based on the day for what i do at the beginning of the night. most days i’m finishing up schoolwork or coming back from somewhere. for staying organized with school, the best way for me is by at the beginning of the week making a list of all the assignments i have to do that week. since i’m in mostly online school and most of my assignments are daily work, most my list is a checklist for each day of each class but adding a bullet list of the bigger multi-day assignments helps make sure i don’t forget about anything.

first off is dinner. depends on the day but sometimes i eat with my family and other days i make something. some of my easy go-to’s are are ramen with tofu and veggies, lentil pasta with marinara, and randomly, acai bowls.

then i shower and do skincare. i usually dry brush before the shower, which is like the best for exfoliation and circulation. for skincare, i wash my face with the fresh soy face cleanser in the shower and then after i’ll apply the ordinary hylauronic serum while my skins still a bit damp. lastly, i use the first aid beauty ultra repair cream and trader joe’s eye cream. this has been my routine since i started accutane about 4 months ago and it’s been perfect for keeping my skin hydrated without causing breakouts. i’ve also been trying out the grande lash serum so i’ll apply that too. for body, i usually do a body cream, i’ve been using the acure oatmeal one lately and the native coconut vanilla deodorant which is my favorite.

i’ll usually make a cup of tea, clean up my room, and brush my teeth. i love peppermint and the traditional medicinals throat coat tea! i also take a magnesium supplement since it seems to help me sleep a bit better.

lastly, the thing that helps me sleep the most is reading before bed. this was a game-changer for helping me sleep better at night! lately i’ve been reading thrillers, i just finished local woman missing by mary kubica and survive the night by riley sager. i’m about to start such a beautiful world by sally rooney which i’m very excited about since i’ve loved her other books. after reading i go to bed. goodnight 🙂

xoxo carly

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