my netflix top ten faves

my netflix top ten faves

if you didn’t already know i have a complete netflix addiction and i watch so much of it! i’ve watched so many shows on there so i thought i would share my list of the top ones i’ve watched. these are pretty broad so whatever you’re into, you’ll find something on this list!

1. criminal minds

my all time favorite show is definitely criminal minds. sadly i’ve actually finished this show and i’m very sad about it. i don’t know why i have such an addiction to crime shows and i find it so interesting to watch! the characters on here are also so amazing and i love morgan, garcia and spencer the most. basically in each episode the team of them gets a new case to solve and just warning you, they’re a bit dark but i think the case progression and psychology behind it all is super interesting.

2. jane the virgin

next one this list is of course another one i’m completely addicted to, jane the virgin!! this show is the cutest ever and all the characters are so incredibly amazing. the basic storyline is that the main character jane gets pregnant by a medical mistake and it’s super funny and cute which i love. the family of jane, her mom and her grandma are the cutest, especially when mateo (her boy) is born.

3. greys anatomy

i swear everyone ever has heard of greys but this is such a classically amazing show. the show starts off with them all as just interns and progresses throughout time. the characters are the best ever and this show will make you feel all types of ways. also i find all the medical stuff super interesting too! this is another one with tons of seasons that i’ve sadly, already finished. i’ll definitely be watching it again and again though cause it’s just that good type of show.

4. new girl

new girl is the funniest show ever!! it’s about a group of roommates in la who go one all these crazy adventures. the main five characters are super amazing, a bit cliche but in the best way. i literally can’t watch this at night anymore cause i wake up my whole family laughing… it’s just that good!

5. ncis

this is another amazing crime show. it’s a bit less dark than criminal minds. it’s similar though because each episode is a new mystery the group solves. the group is full of such great characters and consists of a few agents, the iconic boss gibbs, the quirky forensic scientist abby and dr. ducky who does autopsy. it’s such a great combo and overall a 10/10 show. ncis stands for navel criminal investigators and they basically just solve navy cases.

6. pretty little liars

i finished pretty little liars this time last year and i can’t wait to watch it again soon cause it was so good and definitely worth a rewatch. it follows a group of friends who’s friend is killed and they are being harassed by an annoymous “A” who thinks they know who did and wants to expose them. the mystery is super interesting and i loved it!

7. the fosters

the fosters is as the title a show about a couple who fosters and adopts a big family. it starts off with the arrival of callie to stay just for a few days and ends up becoming a part of the family. all the kids are such a great characters and the parents are super cool as well. it’s such a great family show and usually i’m not too into those but the fosters is an exception in my book!

8. the good place

the good place is such a great show! it’s another super funny one and the main character ellen kills me. the basic storyline here is that there’s the good place and the bad place and ellen is “accidentally” placed in the good place and has to hide that she doesn’t belong. it’s a nice chill show to watch and i recommend.

9. the vampire diaries

this show is soo great!! it sounds so cliche and dumb but basically in a small town, two brothers move in who have a big secret, they’re vampires. u know it sounds so dumb to explain but just watch a few episodes and you’ll become addicted i promise.

10. riverdale

riverdale is such a controversial show on whether it’s like the best or the cringiest thing ever and yes it can be at times but personally i’m really into it. i’m watching the season finale for the latest season as i’m typing this and i’m genuinely going to miss it until season four comes.

i hope you enjoyed this post and got some amazing recommendations!!

xoxo carly

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