my morning routine 2021

my morning routine 2021

hi welcome back to my blog! for today’s post i’m doing my morning routine, i love mornings and think having a good routine is so important. so here are some little morning rituals i do and love.

i wake up at 6:30am most days because i love being up early. the first thing i do when i wake up is turn on my light and read a few pages of a book, it helps wake me up. i’m currently loving journey to the heart by melody beattie. then i’ll make my bed and go brush my teeth and do my morning skincare. this consists of using the fresh soy face cleanser and trader joe’s moisturizer.

a new habit i’ve been loving is going for a walk in the mornings. i love how quiet it is since nobody is really out yet. i’ll make a coffee, put on warm clothes and either put on music or a podcast and just go for a walk around wherever. sometimes i’ll go to the beach but usually i just walk around my neighborhood. i love walking and i think it’s really grounding to go for a walk in the morning and it gets my body moving in the morning since i usually go for an afternoon workout.

when i get back i make breakfast. my favorite breakfasts are either a smoothie bowl or a yogurt bowl. for smoothie bowls i usually do either acai or dragonfruit with mango and hemp protein and then top it with granola, hemp seeds and fruit. for yogurt bowls i usually do unsweetened cashewmilk yogurt with fruit, almond butter and hemp seeds. i love both and am definitely a creature of habit with breakfast.

after breakfast i get dressed for the day and depending on my mood, either do or don’t do my makeup. i’ll do a post soon on my everyday makeup since i’ve been really into it lately. but that’s it for my morning routine, then i’ll just do whatever i have to do that day.

xoxo carly

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