my march favorites

my march favorites

hi welcome back to my blog! for today’s post i’m going to be sharing my favorites from the last month or so. i love these posts and they always give me new things to try, i hope you enjoy!

my first two favorites are the jeans and converse i’m wearing in the cover image for this post. i love these black converse that i got recently, they are super comfy for walking but also go with everything. i’ve also been loving these h&m jeans i just got. they are the flared style in a muted black. they are high-waisted and have the cutest little slit on the bottom. these are the first pair of jeans i’ve gotten from h&m and i’m definitely going to start buying my jeans from there.

i’ve also been obsessed with granny square crochet lately. i started crocheting again during quarantine and have made a bunch of things so far but my favorite has been granny square projects! i’m thinking on doing a post of styling some things i’ve made too. i love looking at instagram and etsy shops for different inspiration and crochet ideas. one of my favorites is this bag i’ve made (in cover image)! i made a big one for weekend trips and a small one to use as a purse so far but i’m definitely going to make a few more to give as gifts.

my next favorite is a haircare one. i bleached my hair twice and dyed it pink last year before dying it back to brown so i’m definitely trying to fix some of that damage. i started using the shea moisture jamaican black castor oil strengthen and restore treatment masque. so far it’s made my hair much softer and overall helping my hair so much. i just use this every few washes and i’m excited to keep seeing the improvement.

next is a skincare game changer! i started using hydrocolliod acne patches and they are the best thing ever for acne. they keep out bacteria and like suck out whatever is in the spot which helps it clear up way faster than it would’ve without the patch. i just put one on the spot before bed and leave it overnight.

another favorite is gel nails. i had a gel lamp that i got as a gift a while ago and recently ordered some gel polishes on amazon. i ordered a set of pinks and brown shades from beetles and a base/top coat. i love having my nails painted all the time but with crochet and volleyball they would chip a lot with just normal polish. i especially like the gel because its thicker and way smoother looking if that makes sense.

i’ve also been loving tasha franken pilates workouts. i don’t have her subscription but i do the free ones still on youtube. i like how chill but still a good workout her videos are. i’m not a huge fan of hitt workouts but i love pilates, walking, and running. i definitely recommend finding your favorite type of movement and doing that! i’ve also been trying out 12/3/30 on the treadmill and so far i’m really into it.

my favorite podcast as of lately has been the @lexie podcast. she’s such a good podcast host and the episodes are super chill and comforting.

some music i’ve been really into is lana del rey’s new album, chemtrails over the country club, current joys music, wallows spring ep album, and light upon the lake album by whitney.

lastly, here are some of my favorite books i’ve read this month…

  • the vanishing half by brit bennett
  • the family upstairs by lisa jewell (kinda thriller, kinda novel)
  • looking for alaska by john green (also watched the hulu show!)
  • journey to the heart by melanie beattie (daily meditation book)
  • we were liars (everyone’s talking about this one so i reread it, it’s so good though)

xoxo carly

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