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my june favorites

it’s been so long since i have done a favorites post. i’ve been super into old youtube and bog style content lately like favorites and morning routines so i wanted to do this post since there’s been some things i’ve been loving of course! i have beauty products, hair, a bible app, food, clothing, sunscreen and more. basically this is just a big masterlist of all the best products for summertime and just in general. i hope you guys enjoy and get some recommendations on some amazing products!

covergirl mascara, pacifica & shea moisture lip balms

the first product i have been loving is this mascara. i’ve been using this for a while now and i’m completely obsessed with it! this is the longest lasting mascara i have ever used, like this has survived a whole weekend, multiple parties, a day at the lake and more. if you want a mascara that will literally survive anything, this is it! it is the covergirl brand which has recently become cruelty free which is incredible and so important to me when i buy makeup. also, there are two full lash bloom mascaras and one is waterproof and the other one is just a normal one and if you want the durability i’m talking about, get the waterproof one!

the next product i’ve been loving is the pacifica natural color quench lip tint in the flavor coconut cherry. this is an amazing vegan lip balm that literally makes you lips so soft all day long! its clear which i love because i just don’t have the patience for colored lip products so this one is perfect for me and my lack of patience for lip products… this lip balm is also a bit more than most but the $5 is worth it, i’m literally obsessed with it.

another lip balm i’m obsessed with it the sheamoisture shea butter vegan lip balm. my bestie bought this and got me obsessed so when i saw it on sale at target a few days ago, of course i had to get it. its the fruit fusion coconut water flavor which smells incredible! another thing i love about this is how long it lasts and this one was a bit less, i think it’s around $3 ish but i could be wrong on the price. both of these seem like they’re going to last forever and they’re both so good and vegan and cruelty free which are all super important to me.

sunbum sunscreen & coffee serum

the next product i have been loving is one i soon learned i needed in my life in hawaii. in hawaii i got super burnt so i definitely needed to get this on sooner and that is the sunbum sunscreen! this sunbum sunscreen is the basic one but the spray one is also amazing because it’s super easy to apply. this sunscreen also has the best smell ever which is definitely important to me because i hate when sunscreen smells like chemicals. this sunscreen is vegan and cruelty free too which if you can’t tell, is important to me. this one also doesn’t turn you white and i’ve never gotten burnt wearing this! also i use this on my face and it doesn’t break me out or clog my pores at all.

the next skincare product i’ve gotten lately that i’m obsessed with is this coffee serum i bought in hawaii! i bought this at the waimea markets when i went to hawaii and i’ve been using it ever since. what i love about this product is that it makes my skin instantly brighter and more awake because it contains coffee infused oil. it’s also 100% made in hawaii from ingredients all from hawaii which i love about it because i’ve been super into local products. i don’t know what i’m going to do when i run out of this, guess i’ll just have to go back to hawaii 😉

coach perfume & scrunchies

the next beauty product i’ve been loving is this coach perfume! i don’t know what this exact one is, the bottle just says “coach est. 1941” so i don’t know if that will help you out at all, but hopefully cause this smells incredible. this is my moms old perfume that she gave to me but i absolutely love it! this has such a good smell and not trying to brag but i have been complimented on me smelling good at school after wearing this for a while so if that doesn’t show you how good this is i don’t know what will! the smell definitely lingers all day which is so important when you’re on the go, especially in the summer.

the next thing i’ve been loving which is a bit more fashion than beauty but i got these two scrunchies in hawaii and i’m obsessed! i got them actually at the claire’s in hawaii which is so random but i think they would be in the mainland claire’s too. one of them is cheetah print which i’ve been so totally obsessed with recently and i’ve picked up so many things with this pattern lately cause it’s legitimately the cutest trendiest print ever. the other srunchie is a bandana printed scrunchie. since it’s red it’s definitely known as a blood scrunchie when you go to the ghetto school like me but its so cute so hopefully i don’t get like beat up for it! but yes both of these are absolutely adorable and i’m obsessed with them especially because of the little ties that look so cute.

maui moisture shampoo & conditioner

the last beauty product i’ve been loving lately is this maui moisture shampoo and conditioner in the vanilla bean flavor! i’m completely obsessed with these because they are vegan and cruelty free of course and they smell literally incredible. this is for frizzy unruly hair which describes mine pretty well and it has so many amazing ingredients including pure vanilla bean, cocoa butter and more. i bought these at target for only around $7 which is super cheap for shampoo and conditioner, especially since you don’t need much of this to wash your hair so i think these bottles will last me forever.

oversized tees & tube tops

as for my current fashion favorites, i’ve been literally living in just giant tee shirts or tube tops. literally if you ask anyone, i’ve been only wearing tees and tube tops everyday! i bought two large tees from old navy that i’ve been wearing lots, one is this one that says “california” and “club san fransisco 94” and the other is yellow and has a pocket with a smiley face on it. i also bought a large pink tee in hawaii with a shark on the pocket from a store called ripcurl. as for tube tops, i have 4 from garage i’ve been wearing all the time and i have one from zaful too that i’ve been wearing literally all summer long cause they’re super comfy, cute and easy to style!

daily bible inspirations app & my bullet journal

the next favorite i have is the daily bible inspirations app! this app is super incredible because it shares a devotional, verse, prayer and journal prompt and i’ve been doing one of these everyday for over a month now and i’ve been loving it. it’s a free app and every single devotional i’ve done i’ve absolutely loved and i’m pretty sure i haven’t missed a day of them which says a lot because i’ve been incredibly busy! each day i just whip out my bible notebook and write down some key point from each section and i do the journal prompts at the end.

the next obsession is my bullet journal! i plan to do a post all about my journal in a few weeks and so this is just a little sneak peak. i basically just do a monthly spread with a big calendar and a habit tracker and then some more pages for things like my summer bucket list and goals. throughout june i’ve been getting super into making my journal super cute and as aesthetic as can be. but yes so i will share each page of my journal and how i set them up in a post super soon!

donut shop blend coffee & trader joes waffles

i have such a coffee addiction at this point and if you’re friends with me, you’re very aware of this. i basically use my family’s keriug to make myself at least one cup of this every morning and i love it. if you have a keriug i definitely recommend this blend of coffee with a tiny bit of oat or almond milk. i make this iced or hot but lately i’ve been loving hot coffee which is so weird cause it’s summer and hot now but for some reason that’s just what i’ve been loving!

the last thing i’ve been loving is the trader joe’s gluten free waffles! these are actually vegan too which is awesome. i’m not gluten free but for some reason the normal waffles aren’t vegan but the gluten free ones are so whatever. they’re super good and i’m truly obsessed with them. i know waffles aren’t the healthiest and if you can’t tell i’m obsessed. to make these, i simply toast them and then add fruit, vegan butter and maple syrup and i love it so much!

that’s it for my current favorites for the month of june and i hope you enjoyed this post!

xoxo carly

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