my hawaii trip

my hawaii trip

the past week of my life has been like the best week ever!! i’ve been on the big island of hawaii with my family. we’ve been doing so many amazing things and going on so many adventures that i just had to share on here.

i woke up early on saturday morning after my last day of school to go to the airport! after walking up i basically just ate breakfast and rolled out of bed, got my stuff and left for seatac. this was at about 6ish when we drove down to seatac airport to get on our plane. check in and bag tagging was a bit rough but hey we made it all the way through to our gates. after security we went to the starbucks and got the goodies and got on our plane! our plane took off at 10am ish and flew to the kona airport. on the plane ride i just did all the boring things you do on planes, edit photos, watch netflix, listen to music and podcasts, read magazines and just chill!

after we got to the airport, we sat on the runway for a bit. then once we got back to the airport and got our luggage and got in the bus to get a rental car! we rented our car and drove to the hotel my great gma was staying at. it was connected to the house we rented and we spent a few days there throughout the week cause it’s gorgeous! we went to the nice beach grill to eat as soon as we got all checked in. i got the beyond burger which oh my gosh literally tasted like meat like i was shocked!

after getting all settled in, our house had this gorgeous pool and spa so of course we had to go in! my sister and i swam around the pool and just chilled in the hot tub forever cause it was gorgeous. after swimming i took a shower and had some snacks. for the rest of the night i just watched some youtube and texted people before knocking out for the night.

the next day i woke up and made some breakfast! i made some avocado toast and fruit and ate it by the pool that morning. once everyone had woken up, we made coffee and i drank my coffee in the hot tub. that was a vibe and literally the most perfect way to wake up to! the rest of the morning was pretty chill since we were planning to have a resort day.

at around noon, we drove down to the resort and went to the beach. the beach was absolutely incredibly stunning!! like look at these photos omggg! at the beach we swam, boarded, chilled and of course took some photos. the water was absolutely gorgeous and i loved swimming around in the waves.

today i got lunch at the same beach grill! this time i got these amazing tacos with beans and mixed veggies which was absolutely amazing. as soon as we finished eating we just hung out by the pool for a few hours before going back to get ready for dinner! when we got back i just got changed and relaxed before we drive out for dinner.

for dinner we went to this place called sushi rock where they had these amazing rolls. it was a super local and chill restaurant! they actually had this whole menu full of vegan rolls and i got a few of them. they were so yummy and i really recommend going here if you’re on the big island. the sushi was super refreshing and yum! after we drove back i just chilled out for the night before knocking out for the day.

the next morning i found a french press which i actually used to make this cappuccino!! i attempted to make some latte art on the top with frothed almond milk, hopefully you can tell it’s a heart… after breakfast we chilled for the morning before leaving for the volcanos! we drove and drove almost all the way around the island in the end. we stopped for lunch at a taco place that was actually the furthurmost south restaurant in the united states!! i got this awesome taco salad which was super good.

then we finally reached the volcano state park! we visited the steam vents and the huge volcano and all the craters. it was actually crazy to see all this stuff, gorgeous. the steam was actually so crazy because you would stand over it for a few seconds and you would instantly be wet from all the steam! it’s a drive but i really recommend going up here because you’ll see some crazy stuff. as for the rest of the night we just drove home and ate dinner at the beach grill i think??

the next morning we drove over to a nearby resort that it like connected to the one we were staying at so we could get it in! the beach at this one was just absolutely gorgeous!! like LOOK at all these photos!! this was the mauna kea resort which i really recommend cause literally this is gorgeous. we just walked around the resort and got tons of photos as you can see here and soon will on instagram.

we ate lunch at a restaurant that was part of the golf course which was delicious! i got this super fresh and yummy salad. i also ordered some great fries. after lunch we went back to the house and went for a swim! we swam in the pool and then showered and chilled at the house. we got all ready for dinner which we were going back to the resort for.

that night we went to the resort of the mauna kea called the manta! i ordered this incredible vegan poke which was sooo good and fresh tasting. i’m literally so obsessed with the food in hawaii!! after dinner i ordered some coffee for desert. then when we finished our coffee we went down to the water to check out the mantarays! they were so cool looking in the water and i would recommend checking them out if you’re ever here.

but yes! that’s it for my first few days in hawaii!! this past week has been if not one of, the very best weeks of my life and i hoped you enjoyed this post sharing part of it with you.

xoxo carly

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