my favorite thrifted pieces for summer

since doing more and more research about fast fashion and all of that i’ve been shopping so much at thrift stores and more so depop just cause most thrift stores have been closed for corona lately. these are just some of my favorite thrifted and depop pieces that i’ve picked up lately for the summer months!

the first favorites i have are some shirts i’ve picked up. first is this peasant or flowy style top i got on depop. i’ve been loving this style of shirt so much lately so i’m so glad i finally found one like it. next up is actually from my own family’s goodwill bags that we forgot to drop off before the goodwills closed. i think it’s my sisters and it’s like a child size but it reminds me of brandy melville. i love the tie dye vibe and the colors of it too!

the next top i got on depop and it’s this tie in the front one originally from brandy melville if you’re wondering. it’s this super cute light pink one that i’m obsessed with right now! the last top is another depop find that i’m obsessed with. it’s white and covered with small little pink flowers which i think is just adorable.

the next two items are sweaters/sweatshirts. first is this blue crew neck with a bear that says california on the pocket. i got this on depop and it’s like thinner than a normal crew neck but still super comfy. i thrifted a polo a while ago that i’ve been wearing under it to add a bit more to the outfit. the next sweater is this cardigan i got at a thrift store on orcas island a week or two ago when they opened there. i love how simple and cozy this cardigan is, it can really go with everything.

my last two favorites are a bit more random but i’m still obsessed with them both. first is this mini shoulder bag. i’ve been absolutely obsessed with this style of bag lately so when i could go thrifting on orcas again i knew i was looking for one. i love how this ones small too because i don’t like carrying around a ton of stuff. this is my new everyday bag and i love it!

my last favorite is another depop find and it’s this black and white like speckled skirt. it has a tie on one side and two layers with ruffles at the bottoms which i think is super cute. i’ve been trying to wear more skirts and dresses lately because i love the way they look but i can forget to wear them sometimes.

i hope you enjoyed this post and maybe got some ideas of things to look for on your next thrift trip or depop search!

xoxo carly

Carly Allison

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  1. amazing post carly! love thrifting, i need to do it more! x

    1. thank u!! me too<3

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