my favorite styles for summer! zaful wishlist!

my favorite styles for summer! zaful wishlist!

It’s almost summer for me!! Are you guys out of school yet? I wanted to share some of my favorite summer pieces and styles. Summer is definitely my favorite season for fashion so here are some of my favorites! I’ve also been loving Zaful’s clothes so much, they’re absolutely perfect for summer.

Check out Zaful here!!

I think rompers are so perfect for summer!! They’re sooo comfy and easy because you just slip it on and you’re good! Rompers are just the best honestly I lovee them!! This one from Zaful is soo cute and I love how casual yet nice it looks, perfect for the beach. I love this color too, I just bought a bikini in it too!! It’s such a pretty earthy color and the buttons down the front add the perfect touch.

Another style I love but have yet to get my hands on is this tied tank top!! I also love the way it flares out and really is so perfect for summer, the ties are also helpful because you can adjust it to fit you perfectly. This kinda reminds me of a prairie girl but in the best way I love it!

I’d say tank tops are my favorite thing to wear in summer because it’s obviously really hot so it keeps you cool. I’ve also been loving the way these stripes and have been seeing the style everyone but have yet to get my hands on it! Simple tops like these are so easy to style with denim shorts, sandles and jewelry which I love!

Another beach perfect style is this shell necklace!! Shell necklaces are so perfect for the beach and summer because they literally come from the beach. Jewelry is definitely an essential for me in the summer because it goes perfect with shorts and a tank top/tee! This reminds of all those aesthetic beach models on Instagram ahah


I’ve an amazing week loves and make sure to smile today!! I hope you enjoyed this short lil post ๐Ÿ™‚

<3 carly

Disclaimer: I did work with Zaful on this post but that’s because I truly love them and every single opinion is really my own!!

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