my favorite products

my favorite products

hey hi hello!! so for today’s post i basically just have a huge master-list if all my favorite products. i’m also very happy to say that these are all… cruelty free!! i’m not 100% cruelty-free yet, but almost there!! i’ve been slowly replacing my non cruelty-free products with ones that are and i only have a few left. all of these either have the little bunny symbol on them, their listed by PETA, says on it “not tested on animals” or says on their own website they are!

–skincare products

here are some of my favorite skincare products, you can read my full skincare routine that helps clear my acne here!!

  • thayers rose petal witch hazel toner – this is such an amazing toner for literally any skin problems!! soothes and clears acne, moisturizes and perfects dry skin, non irritating for sensitive skin and balances all skin. this has done so much for my acne and i 10/10 recommend!!

  • c&c black out scrub – so basically c&c is by clean and clear but better cause their products are cruelty-free! their black out scrub smells so good and works so well!! your skin will feel so soft and refreshed after using it and again, it really helps with acne.

  • mario badescu drying lotion – this stuff is literally pimple-killing magic in a bottle! basically put this on at night, look a little crazy and wash is off in the morning and the pimple is so much smaller and less “pimple-ly.”

  • freeman cucumber peel-off mask – one of my friends got me on this mask and it’s sooo nice!! it’s really relaxing and great for acne and clearing out your pores without being too irritating.

  • botanics facial oil – i got this because my skin had a dry patch in the store and i put some of this on it and 5 minutes later the patch was GONE!! i was shook!! this is so great for dry patches and acne scarring, it’s magic.

–haircare products

now, on to some of my favorite hair products!! i have wavy/curly and thick-ish hair.

  • shea moisture deep treatment masque – this is the best when your hair is dry or you feel as if it’s just not doing it’s best! this is just so rejuvenating and hydrating.

  • ogx argan oil shampoo/conditioner – this is definitely the best shampoo and conditioner i’ve ever used!! it’s so moisturizing and helps your hair grow healthy and strong. my hair has grown so fast using this, i’m getting it cut again.

  • batiste dry shampoo – i’ve never been a huge dry shampoo fan until i was managing high school, club volleyball, blogging twice a week, being active in my church and spending lots of time with family and friends… now it’s become a common thing when i just don’t have time to wash my hair (yes i promise i still showed everyday, just don’t always wash my hair)

–body products

these are all my faves for body care, including deodorant, toothpaste and hand cream!

  • aloe vera – i’m not lying when i say, aloe vera can fix literally every problem!! strawberry legs after shaving? put aloe on it! back acne? put aloe on it!

  • burt’s bees ultimate care hand cream – this is 10/10 best hand cream for dry hands and nail growth! i have the worst, short, brittle nails and this has been helping so much. best part is it doesn’t leave that nasty, greasy residue!

  • schmidt’s deodorant – my friend at camp actually got me on this natural deodorant and i love it! the chemical deodorants would really irritate me (tmi sorry) but this doesn’t and it actually works.

  • hello toothpaste – i got a mini of this in a gift box and it’s soo good! it’s really effective for helping your teeth have an even white color. it’s also literally black so you look a little crazy when you’re using it!

i hope you enjoyed this post and maybe i got you on some new products 😉

what are some of your cruelty-free faves?

<33 carlyy⚡️🌻🦋📸

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