my favorite books for summer

my favorite books for summer

hi welcome back to my blog! for today’s post i’m going to be sharing basically a bunch of beach reads. i love beach reads, they’re basically chill good books to read at the beach or lake in the summer, which is just the best. i’ve found a bunch of beach reads and good thrillers lately so i thought i’d do a whole post dedicated to my favorites and recommendations!

we were liars by e. lockhart

i read this the first time a couple years ago but i’m definitely going to read it again this summer! it’s about a family who visits their summer houses each summer and there’s not too much i can say without spoiling it a little, but trust me its really good and a perfect beach read.

the unhoneymooners by christina lauren

this one is a perfect beach read, basically the main character, olive’s, sister gets sick before a non-refundable honeymoon so olive and her sisters husbands brother go instead even though they don’t get along like at all. it’s a really cute book though and perfect for a summer read!

the girls by emma cline

this is such a summer book, i’m almost done with this one and i’ve been reading it exclusively at the beach. it’s about hippies and a cult in the 1970’s in california and it’s a really good book and i’ve really liked reading it so far!

letters to the lost by brigid kemmerer

this ones a bit sad for a typical beach read but i still love it for a moody summer vibe. the story starts with a girl leaving letters by her mom’s grave and turns into a little romance story.

gone girl by gillian flynn

i’m pretty sure everyone knows about this book already but i read it on a sailing trip last summer and loved it so i had to include it. gone girl is told from both perspectives to put the story together and it’s more of a thriller/mystery but it’s so so good!

shiver by allie reynolds

this is another mystery/thriller book but i loved this one, it’s told in the past and present so the truth comes together from both sides if that makes sense and the plot is super interesting.

no exit by taylor adams

my last recommendation is another mystery and this one has so many plot twists that i didn’t expect at all. as much as i love a summery and cute beach read, i love a good thriller/mystery too and this is a great one!

i hope you enjoyed this post and found some new books for summer,

xoxo carly

ps, definitely look up trigger warnings for the girls and maybe gone girl

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