my fave bowl meals

welcome back to my blog! today’s post is a cooking post. i am definitely no chef but i do my best and these all taste good and look cute so i’d say success. these are inspired by pinterest and are super quick because when i am hungry i am not in the mood to cook for hours. they’re also all vegan cause your girls vegan…

almond butter banana oatmeal

this has been my favorite oatmeal recipe lately…

  • cook your oatmeal like normal 
  • slice up a banana and it to the top
  • add a scoop of almond butter
  • add brown sugar and chia seeds


this one is kinda inspired by all those budda bowls you find on pinterest and yo can switch these ingredients out for whatever you ant but basically it’s all about arranging things cutely. here’s how i made it…

  • fry mushrooms and peppers in olive oil
  • cook your tofu in the leftover olive oil and add sauce
  • cook your quinoa like normal and put in the bowl
  • add your mushrooms, peppers, garbonzo beans, peas and tofu

i hope you enjoyed these quick recipes!

xoxo carly

Carly Allison

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