my current favorites

my current favorites

hi welcome back to my blog! i hope you’re doing well, for today’s post i’m sharing a bunch of random things i’ve been loving lately.

i’m going to start off by sharing my favorite books i’ve read lately…

the power of now by eckhart tolle, this is one of the best wellness/mind book i’ve ever read. i love the perspective of this book and i think reading it has already added so much value to my life and made a big change in my mindset and i’m only halfway through it!

film for her by orion carlotto, i loved loved her first book so when this one came out i had to read it too. it’s such a cute book and i love her style of poetry.

all the missing girls by megan miranda, really good psychological thriller. the type of book you won’t want to put down until you’re done!

little secrets by jennifer hillier, i loved this book, its another thriller style that i didn’t want to put down. this book was very interesting with lots of twists.

the perfect couple by elin hilderbrand, a third thriller book, these are my favorites and this one was really good.

next is my current favorite show,

pretty little liars, i watched this like 3 years ago for the first time when it used to be on netflix but i found it on dvd at a library and i’ve started rewatching it and it’s just so good. if you can find the dvd’s or have hbo and haven’t seen it, i would definitely recommend.

and a few fashion and beauty favorites,

crochet fluffy bag, i’m not sure if i’ve already mentioned this on my blog but i started crocheting recently again. i’ve made 2 cardigans, a blanket, some hats and a bag so far. i’m obsessed with how the bag came out, i didn’t follow a pattern and i basically just made 2 big panels and then the 3 side panels with a blanket yarn and a hdc stitch and then a long shoulder strap. then i sewed it together. i eyeballed the dimensions for each part but i bet you could find a pattern for this or similar online!

milani rose powder blush, i’ve been loving blush lately, it along with eyeliner (brown eyeshadow) have been my favorite makeup products. i love the milani blush, it has a pretty flower imprint and a nice shimmer. mine is in the color ‘blossomtime rose’ and it’s a light bubblegum pink shade.

and last but not least, a few random wellness favorites,

sprouts incense, i recently found out that sprouts sells incense. they have like a whole little incense and sage section that has surprisingly good selection. i got a few packs of incense from there and i’ve loved them so far so if you don’t have a crystal store but maybe have a sprouts near you, definitely check it out if you’re looking for it.

tasha franken pilates, for the past few months i’ve been doing either tasha franken’s pilates videos, my own little routines and the occasional run. i love her pilates workouts so much and they are free on youtube. super relaxing and i usually add a medium or heavy resistance band with it.

i hope you enjoyed this post and maybe found yourself some new favorite things.

xoxo carly

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