more of my favorite meals

more of my favorite meals

hi welcome back to my blog! for today’s post i’m going to be sharing some more of my favorite super easy meals. all are vegan but can be changed up for whatever you prefer by just subbing in/out ingredients. these are just go-to’s that i make really often because they’re really good but also easy.

the first one is one of my favorites of the favorites! i’m making a super good veggie and tofu ramen type lunch. to make it, i use the the lotus foods rice or brown rice noodles and just the miso pack that it comes with. while that boils, i add the veggies and tofu in a tiny bit of olive oil in a pan. i typically use diced mushrooms, a little diced onion, some shredded carrot and a bunch of cabbage/bok choy. i add the cabbage a bit later than the rest and just stir fry it all. i cook it until it’s like a bit soft and not too fried. i don’t add any sauce to this and when its done cooking i add it to a bowl with the ramen and soup part that comes with it. lastly i top it with some sprouts and that’s it! i love this one because it’s more similar to the soup you would get at a restaurant than the premade stuff.

the next has been one of my go-to breakfasts lately and its an almond butter banana smoothie bowl. in the blender i add almond butter, almond milk, some frozen mango and pineapple, a banana and hemp protein. for toppings i add sliced banana, hemp seeds, granola and a bit more almond butter. this one is super simple and i’ve probably posted so many smoothie bowl combos but here is another really good one!

the last meal is the easiest of all. i start off by boiling water and cooking some lentil pasta. i also love the veggie and lentil pasta and just use whichever i have. i typically use the raos pasta sauce which is one of my favorites after it’s done cooking. i don’t have it in the picture but i always make a salad with the pasta. for the salad i add spinach, arugula, hemp seeds, sliced almonds, some sprouts and whatever veggies i have. for dressing i typically use the cindy’s kitchen avocado dressing which is one of my favorites.

all of these were obviously super easy but i love that. thanks for reading and i hope you enjoyed this post.

xoxo carly

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