more daily rituals + habits i love

more daily rituals + habits i love

hey hi hello! a few months back i did a post like this and i loved it. i’ve added more habits since then so i wanted to do another post with five more rituals! if you want to see the first 10 you can check that out here! i hope you enjoy this post and definitely try out some of these rituals and the ones from my previous post and see which ones you want to implement. overall just try things out and see how your mind/body/soul responds.

1.taking cold showers

you most likely read that and thought i was crazy or had no soul, at least that’s what i used to think when people would say that. i have heard it tons on podcasts like tsc but never thought i could do it but i tried it one day and it was so much easier and felt so much better than i thought it would. now i take exclusively cold showers (or hot baths, those are great too) and i love it! for me they help tons with muscle soreness, skin/hair texture (softer!!) and leave me feeling super refreshed. also if this still seems crazy, try taking a shower and slowly turning the dial colder and your body will adjust. for digestion

i’ve never been a huge yoga person but i saw a video on yoga for digestion and i never thought that anti-bloat yoga would be so so effective! not only is it super good for you in general because of the mindful and relaxing nature of yoga but it helps so much if you’re feeling bloated. i’ll link here my favorite super quick routine and definitely just give it a shot and see if you like it.

3.reading my horoscopes

okay hear me out on this one… no matter whether you believe in horoscope predictions or not, the analysis’s are super insightful and inspire thought. i use the app ‘costar’ which i love because i feel that it is so accurate but also provides horoscopes i can draw tons of insight on. i love to journal based on it because horoscopes provoke thought and make you think about what it’s saying could apply to.

4.drinking tea throughout the day

i’m obsessed with green tea. tea is not only super hydrating because its made of all water but also the different types each have so so many benefits. i drink 1-2 cups each day most days and some of my favorites are obviously green but also chamomile, detox by yogi and green tea kombucha by yogi. also this isn’t tea but warm lemon water is so good. i drink that almost every morning because it’s refreshing and its so important to hydrate in the morning.

5.go on walks and listen to podcasts

this has been my obsession all summer!! first off walking is such an underrated exercise and walking tons throughout the day is such a great way to tone up and get in better shape. also fresh air, getting off screens and so many more benefits. i listen to podcasts whenever i go on walks and i love being able to engage my mind too and it makes the walks so much more enjoyable.

6.eating intuitively

i wasn’t going to include this one but i’m going to because i think it is really important. my basic description of intuitive eating is listening to your body’s hunger and non-hunger cues. this sounds super obvious but restrictive eating is super bad for you and your relationship with food is so important. basically just being in-tune with your body and eating when you’re hungry and stopping when you’re full is basically the best thing you can do for your body. your body gives you these cues for a reason and almost always it knows what it needs!

i really hope you guys enjoyed this post and i hope you guys are doing well<3

xo carly

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