more books i’ve read lately

more books i’ve read lately

hi welcome back to my blog. today i’m writing about some books i’ve read lately that i loved!

beautiful world where are you by sally rooney – i absolutely loved all of sally rooney’s books and this book was no different. i love her writing style and i love her characters lots!

daisy jones and the six by taylor jenkins reid – i read this one last summer but i don’t think i’ve talked about it on my blog. i loved this book so much! i loved having the story told interview style with all the different characters. also set during the 60’s and 70’s in los angeles!

slow days, fast company by eve babitz – i haven’t finished this one yet and it’s my first eve babitz book but i love it so far! it’s a bit of a memoir style book from the 60s/70s in los angeles which is actually my favorite time period and location to read about for sure. i placed holds for all her other books as well and i’m excited to read those.

let me lie by clare mackintosh – i love clare mackintosh’s books! they’re like the twistiest thrillers i’ve read in a while and super super easy to get really into. nothing in this one is as it seems and i had so many different theories about how this one was going to turn out and every one was wrong.

i see you by clare mackintosh – loved this one by her as well, super twisty and spooky! i also read hostage by her, super twisty and interesting but don’t read that one before going on a plane.

the maidens by alex michaelides – i read this one because i had loved the silent patient last year and the writing style of it. it definitely didn’t disappoint and i enjoyed this thriller as well!

apple of my eye by claire allan – i just finished this one, so spooky and twisty! i never would’ve guessed the ending but a bit of a slow burner book for me.

survive the night by riley sager – this book was crazy and so suspenseful. it’s quite a nightmare story and freaked me out a bit.

also haven’t read it yet but i’ve heard great things about homesick for another world by ottessa moshfegh and i loved my year of rest and relaxation by her so placed a hold for that book as well!

xoxo carly

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