how to change your life with the law of attraction ft natalie!!

how to change your life with the law of attraction ft natalie!!

hey guys welcome or welcome back to my blog!! in today’s post i’m collaborating with natalie!! we’re both going to be talking about the law of attraction in our posts. i’m going to be sharing how i use it to attract positivity and how i use it as a christian a little bit too.

two other sources i recommend looking for is luca whitaker’s youtube video about the loa and the netflix documentary “the secret.” they’re both great and got natalie and i inspired for this collaboration! i also recommend a tedtalk i watched but i can’t seem to find it anymore. sorry about that but if you can find it, check it out!

similarly to natalie i think i kind of attracted the law of attraction into my life!! i was looking for a way to change my life when i came across the law of attraction. and honestly since then my life has been genuinely changed! i used to struggle with anxiety especially and i still have my days but way less when i look at things positivity, it really helps.

so basically the law of the law of attraction is that everything that’s coming into your life, you’re attracting in your mind. the law of attraction is a way of thinking. this means that if you’re positive you’re attracting positivity which is key! negative attracts negative and positive attracts positive. this also has to do with the way you’re looking at it. if you look at things with a positive outlook, everything will seem and therefore be better!

to me, positivity is the key of the law of attraction. looking at things positivity creates more of it. when you are happy, you give off higher vibrations that attract more higher ones! focusing on what you have not what you don’t don’t have. it goes the same with what you want and don’t want! if you’re thinking to yourself “i don’t want to be late” then you’re more likely to be late cause you’re putting it out as well as focusing on it.

in the form of thinking, your thoughts become things. if you’re complaining or thinking on how bad it is that creates more bad! so basically what you think about most is what you put out and manifest to either the universe or god depending on what you believe.

as for visualization and manifestation, to use it you visual what you want in life. and therefore manifest it. you must visualize and know what you’re looking for in your future. as for manifesting, when you’re visualizing, you put it out into the universe or god. this is where the law of attraction really starts to show!

i’ve definitely found that when i’m more positive there are way more positive things that come into my life! especially when you’re complaining, that is putting negativity into the world. then by the law, that will create more negativity. and this is so true!!

i hope you enjoyed this post and don’t forget to check out natalie!!

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