how i’m living my best life!! (ft. piper)

how i’m living my best life!! (ft. piper)

These have to be my favorite type of post where people just get really real and tell you what they’ve learned about what has a positive or a negative effect on your life. Alsoooo I’m so excited to say that this post is a collab with one of my favorite blogging friends!! Piper is an amazing blogger and such a sweet person in general!! She blogs all about faith, health, yummy food, advice and even more super helpful posts, she’ll be writing about how she’s living her best life too. I very much recommend checking out her blog and instagram because they’re both amazing!! I hope this post is helpful and inspiring <33

I’ve recently learned that a huge key for me mentally feeling my very very best is taking time away from my phone and especially social media!! I think that social media can be a good thing, in moderation… As soon as I see it start to get to my head and see myself comparing myself, my photos, my blog, etc. I definitely take it as a sign I need to take a break. As you know I went to camp for a few weeks so that was a really nice detox and unrelated, but I miss camp so so sooo much! But if you get to this point or start feeling yourself be coming addicted to it, I definitely recommend deleting instagram and/or snapchat for a day or a few. I’ve done this on multiple occasions and I highly recommend doing it and you’ll feel very refreshed!

Another little set of steps to “complete” to be more at bliss with life is…

  1. accepting yourself and loving yourself
  2. doing what you love
  3. being with who you love to be around

These three steps are just about foolproof for inner peace with yourself!! You first must accept yourself for just who you are, “flaws” and all. Then you must learn to love yourself which is not vain as long are you don’t think you’re better than everyone else or are dismissive to others. I’m still working on this like crazy but of course not everyday will be perfect and everyone has days were they just aren’t feeling your best! Try to have way more good days than bad days. If you just really really need help and are struggling mental health wise, see someone!! They are there to help and it doesn’t make you weak or anything. It can help so much, I promise!!

Second piece for peace is to do what you love!! You can’t be as happy as you could be if you’re constantly doing things you don’t enjoy doing. Same thing with the third piece, you can’t be surrounded by people you don’t vibe with!! Be with people who are kind to others, you and lift you up. You’ll know if they’re the right ones to be around trust me, you’ll feel it. Another thing is to set up your time to make time for what you love!! I find that so many people say that they don’t have time for what they want to do in life and aren’t living to their fullest potential. I promise you that even when you’re doing something you don’t want to, you can make it fun!! I promise you, you can make anything somewhat enjoyable, yes, even chores.

Next important thing you can do is start journaling! This can help you work though feelings, be aware, etc. I’m planning on doing a full post in the next few weeks   (when I fill more pages) on my journal. Some of my favorite page ideas to make and ways to empty your thoughts are a page for goals, things you’re worried about and then a plan to eliminate that worry! I also like looking at the worries later on and seeing how many things worked out.

Another one of my favorite pages are writing down a few of the most important things in your life. Then of course more daily based pages where you write (hopefully) everyday about what you’re grateful for, prayers and maybe fun things you did or what you want to improve the next day! Another great page to make that’s more bullet journal inspired is a habit tracker. Look up ideas for setting these up but they’re sooo nice when you are trying to make habits of things you want to do daily! For example mine include connecting with god, getting off my phone, having good time management, eating healthy, going to the gym/volleyball and getting a good nights sleep which is so important.

A key for me personally was becoming more carefree and spontaneous!! I always feel my best when I’m doing something carefree or spontaneous. I don’t know what it is with unplanned events but they make you feel so alive and thriving!! I don’t know about you but I can find myself over-planning things sometimes. Don’t regret the past or worry about the future!! You need to live in the moment!! It’s so incredibly important. Cherish every moment you have on this beautiful earth and go after what sets your soul on fire. Really think of what truly makes YOU happy!! For me that is being with friends + family, blogging, journaling, cooking, being with God, relaxing by reading and watching Netflix, taking photos, going exploring + to the beach, and so much more :))

Now on to what Piper has to say on how she lives her best life!

Learning to be your most authentic self is very much a journey. Allowing yourself the grace to be who you truly are takes time, and often continues to be an active part of your daily life. The past few years of my life have been very much a journey to finding the girl that I’m meant to be, finding the girl God created me to be, and allowing that girl to in turn live her best life! If you read my “Saying Goodbye to the Girl I Once Was” blogpost, you will be very well versed with this journey.

The lifestyle changes I made within this journey are the building blocks to where I am now; by cultivating love through our actions and choices, we begin to surround ourselves with love, and I am a firm believer that things done in love are done well.

Living my best life entails doing everything with love. Some days are better than others, we can all agree on that. We’re human, and nothing about our existence is perfect. But everyday we can work towards bettering ourselves, and that, I think, is more precious than gold. More perfect than perfection.

So, let me share the things that allow me to better myself daily, and cultivate love!

  • My Faith!

Now, I’ll be honest, I’ve really been struggling to give God the praise He deserves lately. Adjusting to school, having lots of fun things on my to-do list, and just getting caught up in the excitement of life has me forgetting about this important thing called praying. The past few weeks I’ve been adjusting to schedule changes. Overall, adjusting to life changes. With these changes have come different emotions, and this sense of poor satisfaction. I’ve felt myself yearning for something more, but every time I try to fill that void with what I think I’ve been missing, I always end up equally disappointed compared to before.

This is something I think many of us can relate to. In our faith we will go through different phases. Phases where we struggle (real hard) to give God the praise He deserves, and phases where we couldn’t feel closer to Christ! These phases are normal; what else is normal, is struggle. We all struggle!

Now here comes the beauty in my struggle. My struggles made me realize just how good God is, and how sustaining His love is! Cultivating a relationship with Jesus changes your perspective on life, and makes you full in heart, spirit, mind, soul, life, etc! He brings meaning to what you deem meaningless. Take the time to observe the world around you and be amazed by God’s creation and infinite presence!

I encourage you to take a look at your life, and be brutally honest on where you energy goes. More importantly, where your focus, sense of worth, and love go. Here is a good visual that I thought of one night while just laying it all on my main Guy, Jesus. This visual changed my life, and the way I think of my relationship with God in terms of how it then relates to literally ~everything~ in my life!

You see how we get nothing in return when we don’t focus on God, but on the other hand, when we focus on God, we find ourselves in this continuous ebb and flow of love, joy, peace, energy, etc?! I find that when I make the time to praise God, my Savior, my rock, my best friend, my Creator, I feel at peace. Not only do I feel at peace, but I have this inclination to be joyful. I may have a rough day, but I can still look at my life and be utterly stunned by its beauty. My worth no longer comes from appearance, wordly things, ideas, and ideals. My worth comes from someone who has a purpose for my existence. I don’t know about you, but I kinda want to know what epic stuff God wrote into the story of my life.

Let’s all chase after that epic story!

  • Yoga

My wish for every person that reads this blogpost is that they find something in life that sets their soul on fire. No, I don’t mean some tiny little flame created by the lighter you use for all your favorite fall candles. I mean that BIG MAMA flame that sparked when man first discovered fire (or light? I’m not a historian, sorry). I’m talking the cave man scene in Night at the Museum, ladies n’ lads. I want you to find something that makes you want to jump around like a freaking cave man, y’all. That’s how serious ya sista is right now! For me, that thing is yoga. I remember vividly telling my Dad how much I hated yoga after he picked me up from my first class. Little did that girl know she would be saving up to become a certified yoga instructor within the year of 2019! The day one of my favorite yoga instructors, who has really opened my mind to a bigger view of what ‘yoga’ is, asked me if I was interested in going through the process to become a yoga instructor really changed my life. The way she spoke of how intuitive my movement was, and the beauty of my practice made me realize I had cultivated something amazing. Finding something deep within yourself and being able to then act upon it in a physical sense brings this unspeakable meaning to your existence and changes the perspective you have on time spent here in this world. I hope that you, too, can experience something like this; it truly is a moving moment in the course of your life!

Find your passion. Don’t be like most and settle for what life hands you. Make life yours!

  • Self-love

Let’s keep this one simple: life is too short to waste time hating on yourself. Just imagine all the amazing things you could have accomplished in the time you rather spent critiquing the size of your thighs, nose, counting how many pimples you have, comparing yourself to people on social media, calling yourself ‘stupid’, or trying to change yourself to be what the world claims as “beautiful” or “acceptable”? Trust me, when you work with yourself, you become who you’re meant to be. If you want to become who you’re meant to be, stop trying to change.

Girls: DO NOT belittle your being because that means ‘beauty’. Anything other than you, just as you are & were created, is not what is “beautiful”. What’s beautiful is you, right now, just the way you are. You are enough. If you don’t believe that, just know I believe that, and think you’d be surprised how great life is when you, too, believe that!

I know, it can sometimes be really hard to cultivate a loving relationship with ourselves; self-love is very much an active process, (+ should be) practiced on the daily! But I can assure you, once you can move beyond your insecurity, and milk life for all it offers, you’ll realize how menial that reflection in the mirror is when it comes to happiness.

Allow yourself the grace to live. Do what you love, love who you love, live what you love, experience love, all regardless of who the world has conditioned you to ‘be’. Don’t let that insecurity tell you otherwise; besides, that insecurity didn’t exist before the world created it, so why would we let something with such little meaning affect how we live our lives?

Who were you before the world told you who you were supposed to be?

Live your best life!

  • Journaling

OOOOOH BABY, does it feel good to write down all those thoughts swarming your mind! You might think just sitting with everything that’s going on in your brain is totally fine, but sis, it’s not. You need to get rid of that ish.

Hear that?


That stuff is toxic and will rot you on the inside. If I go too long without addressing what’s sitting on my lil’ brain cells, girl goes crazy. But honestly, in all seriousness, when I got through tough (weeks, phases, funks, days, months, etc), it almost always is a result of me not dealing with what’s going on inside.

The fix?


I journal alllll the stuff. The good stuff, the bad stuff, the funny stuff, the ~inspiring~ stuff, the silly stuff, the random stuff, the everything stuff. Seeing what I’m thinking helps me observe what’s happening in my life, and from there I can make changes so that I can… LIVE MY BEST LIFE!

So yeah, pretty simple one there. TJ Maxx, Marshalls, Home Goods (aka The Holy Trinity of retail shopping!) sell überrrrr cute journals! So, if you’re ballin’ on a budget, you know where to go sis!

  • Social Media = Only Positive Vibes

I have no shame when it comes to unfollowing people. If you aren’t preaching positive, constructing, healthy* ish, sis gonna unfollow you!

If your page makes me question my worth or look down on myself, bye Felicia!

*this goes for anyone who preaches unhealthy habits, lifestyle choices, and promote neither the mental, emotional, physical, well-being of their followers. Skrrrttt skrrrttt outta there girlfriend!

Social media is a place that has introduced me to so many new ideas and inspired much of who I am today. I have developed my personality, beliefs, and own personal thoughts through the inspiration I’ve experienced via social media. I am ever so thankful for some of the content creators and their presences in various stages of my life. The books, podcasts, captions, and immense words of wisdom I’ve happened upon all through social media have changed a multitude of my life’s aspects, and don’t know who exactly I’d be without these experiences! Social media can be such a positive environment, but if you aren’t careful, social media can also be the most toxic substance to ever exist on earth.

Don’t let that negativity touch your life.

Learn that your social media is just that, yours. Make it yours.

Allow social media to be a place of inspiration, friendship, and creation.

Allow your social media presence to add to your life by helping you find who you truly are.

Your most authentic self.

I hope y’all enjoyed my insights on how to go about living your best life! Remember you’re a light in this world, and deserve to radiate infinitely!

xoxo, Piper

I think that’s about it! I hope you enjoy this post and don’t forget to check out Piper!!

<33 Carly

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  • I absolutely love this post, and very much agree on the social media detox bit. journaling has always been a way to feel a bit happier. love your blog btw! xx

  • This is awesome Carly! I’m all about people living their best life, and I’m happy to say I am too! I love the positivy in this post, and I can’t wait for your next one!

    Also, I would LOVE to collab with you once I get my blog up and running again. We seem to be in the same niche. 🙂

    Have an fantastic day.

  • I loved this post so much Carly! I love what you said about taking a break from social media and not letting it get to your head…it’s kinda annoying in that way yeah? I have had to stop and rethink a couple times too. Ah, the joy of living in the 10’s (is that what we are in aha?) I also totally agree with what you said about living in the moment! We should all do it more! <3
    My goals for next month is to go a week without social media (I’m actual so excited to see) and to live mindfully! More bujo, pen pal (with you! P.s I am sending my letter to you tomorrow!) and crafty stuff 🙂 oh, and also be and 80’s kid aha
    Ella xxx

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