self-tan routine with golden star beauty

self-tan routine with golden star beauty

if you don’t follow me on instagram, you wouldn’t know that i got a bunch of self tanning products from golden star beauty and i’m obsessed!! i decided to do a post on how i used them to tan my face and body and share some tips because skin cancer is no joke.

what i use

i use all these tanning products from golden star beauty. they sent me all of these but i’m genuinely so obsessed. these are ALL vegan, cruelty free AND organic!! everything smells amazing and makes your skin softer than lotion. also none of these products have ever stained any of my clothes which is amazing too!!


steps to tan

1. before doing any tanning, usually the night before i’ll shave my legs and if i feel like it, use the golden star beauty exfoliating mit! it works super well and whenever i do, there’s such a difference in the results.

2. then after taking a shower and drying off, i’ll use the self tanning mit and the golden star beauty tanning oil or tanning lotion. both are so amazing and i personally don’t have a favorite, i just go for which one i’m feeling that day! i’ve only recently started using the mit and its made it so much more natural and flawless.

3. then i let it dry for around 5 minutes and then i use the tan extending lotion which makes the tan last so much longer. this will make it fade slower and makes your skin super soft.

4. then for my face, i use their face tanning serum! i’ve always been scared of using tanners on my face because it’s so hard to hide a streak but this one doesn’t cause any streaks. it’s also a great skincare product and makes my skin so soft and glowy too.

extra tips:

  • blend it in super well
  • wash your hands after if you don’t have the mit because otherwise they will be super stained and it’s not a good look (i speak from experience lol)
  • let it dry ALL the way

i hope you enjoyed this quick lil post!!


xoxo carly

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