how i journal + stay kinda organized

how i journal + stay kinda organized

hi welcome back to my blog! it’s been a minute but for today’s post i’m going to be talking all about journaling! i love journaling and i think it’s such a great practice to implement and i definitely am always trying to journal more.

the first kind of journaling that i do is astrological/moon cycle based! for this i base the prompts based on the phase of the moon cycle we’re currently in or find ones for my specific sun/moon/rising signs.

for the moon ones i look up some prompts on pinterest and come up with some of my own based on the cycle. for example the journal page above was based on the new moon so i based the prompts on what worked and didn’t in the past moon and what i wanted in the new moon! i also like drawing a tarot card for each moon because that can often inspire my prompts if i’m not finding any good ones.

i find the astrological ones from pinterest! just look up “*your sign* journal prompts” and there should be a bunch of ideas.

the other kind of journaling i do is find shadow work or any other kind of prompts on pinterest or instagram! pinterest has a bunch of really good ones and it’s really easy to find ones for whatever you want to write about.

i also love to organize my week a little in my journal! i saw a post on instagram categorizing a day and i loved it and it reminded me of when i used to bullet journal so that’s what inspired me to organize my weeks like this. i’ve found this really useful now because a lot of the time i have things i just want to do at some point and it doesn’t matter what day that i do them.

the four categories i always have are: important stuff, self care, movement/workouts and blog/insta and then i sometimes add a fifth one for work to keep track of my shifts and what days i work. i make my assignment list for school separately but that would be another one that i would add. i love this method though because you can make the categories whatever fits your life best and really personalize it!

that’s it for how i journal and stay kinda organized! i like to keep it really simple so it’s not overwhelming or too much.

xoxo carly

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