hawaii trip pt.2 (days 4-8)

in the morning we started off by going to the waimea markets to look around at all the local food and stuff. they have a bigger market on saturdays and a small one on wednesday’s and we went to the wednesday one! they had tons of local made food and beauty products which were super cool. i bought this cool juice which had coconut water, fruit juice and spuralina. i also bought this coffee infused hawaiian facial oil which i’ve been using ever since and a few different body scrub minis!

when we got back to the resort, we had another resort day! we ate lunch at the poolside grill again which was amazing of course. they actually had kombucha on tap at the resort so of course i had to get some by the beach too. we swam and boarded at the beach for a few hours. then i went to the pool and hung out there and listened to podcasts for another hour or two:)

then we went back to the house, chilled in the pool at the house too and then showered and chilled before dinner. this night we were actually making dinner at the house because my grandpa is an amazing cook! so we ate dinner at the house and watched the sunset which was incredible, the photo doesn’t do justice at all.

the next day which was thursday we were going ziplining!! we went to a place at akkala (i think) falls called it was absolutely incredible to go ziplining over all the rivers and the last line was actually over a huge waterfall!! i have a vid of the whole week on my igtv (instagram @carlyallisonxo) that includes a vid of going over the falls i recommend you check out if you want. but yes i seriously can’t recommend this place for ziplining enough, the people were so nice and the zipline views were just incredible!!

after ziplining, we got a late lunch at a little lunch spot called “what’s shakin” which first off is the cutest name ever! they had literally the best smoothie i have ever had like i was absolutely shocked by how good it was. also look at how cute it is like doesn’t this just look like the cutest little shack ever?? i got the beyond burger which is basically a veggie burger that looks and tastes like meat but isn’t and i can’t remember the name of the smoothie but i think it was farmers something and it was the first one on the menu!

then we went to the hawaiian botanical gardens which were absolutely gorgeous!! there was so many sick flowers and plans you would never ever see in seattle and the walkways were just the cutest ever. we went to the ocean view way and we found the cutest little coves with awesome views. then on our way home, we really wanted to see a black sand beach so we went to i think the carlson beach in hilo! the sand was like straight black and the view was gorgeous. it was also super cool to see all the surfers surfing here cause i really want to learn to surf haha!

for dinner we went to the big restaurant at the resort. i actually had like a huge migraine so i just ordered a salad and sat by the pool after i finished cause i was lowkey dying lol.

the next day was actually our last day there which was the saddest thing ever! so i made up a nice breakfast of avocado toast and coffee. then my mom, sister and i went to a shopping center to get some cool shirts and i wanted souvenirs for my friends back in seattle! so i bought a few shirts and stickers for myself and them which were super cute. also of course got starbucks cause what else would you expect from me…

for the rest of the day we hung out at the beach some more! i actually had bought one of those zippered cases for your phone so i took a few pics in the water but it was so sunny i couldn’t see so they didn’t turn out the best but that’s a-okay:)

then we went back to the house and got ready for dinner! we were going to this fancy restaurant for our last night so i got all dressed up and ready to go! we were driving there and saw the sickest rainbow streak in the sky so of course i had to take a pic. the restaurant was incredible!! i cant remember the name so sorry but it was super nice. i got a super good salad type thing which was amazing and a few non-alcoholic cocktails cause underage things lol

as for saturday, this was the day we were leaving so we packed up all our stuff and went to the airport… they actually had super good shaved ice after security so of course i had to get some to finish off the trip! then we just got on the plane and went home:)

i hope you enjoyed this post on the second half of my hawaii trip!! i miss it smm<33

xoxo carly

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