guide to going vegan + my experience

guide to going vegan + my experience

Ever since I went vegan, I’ve been getting lots of questions about how I went vegan!! I thought I make a post with my experience and tips to answer all those questions. I’d say I went vegan a few months ago and I love it!! A quick disclaimer though is that I am not a doctor or nutritionist!! This is just my advice and experience!!

Starting off with why I went vegan, I’ve been vegetarian for around 2 years because I never liked meat or the idea that it was eating an animal and all that. I’m also lactose-intolerant and was taking pills so I could have dairy without stomach aches and such. I’d always thought then maybe when I was in high school I’d go vegan so it was always kinda an idea in my head! Basically one day I just thought, why am I taking pills to have dairy or having bad things happen when I don’t?? It’s not benefiting me anyway?? How about I just don’t eat it?? So I switched!

I know that others have lots of reasons for going vegan like the animals, health reasons, allergy, etc. I’d say mine was a mixture of them all, stemming from my lactose intolerance! I also talked to one of my friends who were vegan which fully convinced me.

Going into what I eat now, I used to be the pickiest eater ever but since going vegan, I’ll try anything that’s vegan!! Some of the questions I get are about eating out or at friends houses, I haven’t found this too hard and here’s my advice!

Foods at restaurants that are usually vegan (make sure to ask!!!) are salads (get without cheese and ask about dressing), pasta with marinara (no cheese), veggie tacos (no cheese), etc. A lot of places like frozen yogurt, Starbucks and places like that have a vegan/dairy-free option. For example yesterday I had double fudge frozen yogurt and a Starbucks cookie whoops! Then for friends/family’shouses, pasta, avocado/banana-peanut-butter toast, oatmeal, salads, fruit and chocolate granola bars are often when used just chocolate not milk added!

A few of my favorite meals+snacks are:

  • avocado/peanut butter with banana toast
  • pasta with marinara
  • quinoa with beans & corn
  • tofu stir-fry!!
  • veggie panini (w/ tomato, lettuce & avocado)
  • any salad ever
  • kite hill yogurt (vegan yogurt) with muesli or granola & fruit
  • gomacro bars are amazing!!
  • protein smoothies!!
  • açaí bowls
  • dairy-free ben & jerry’s (chocolate ones)
  • dark chocolate, almonds & dried fruit
  • veggies tacos with avocado, lettuce, beans, salsa + sometimes more

+ everything from the food section of my blog!

A few other tips I have include to Google everything for the first few months and you’ll learn what is and isn’t! I haven’t googled anything in a while but at the beginning I googled everything!! I also have the app “Is it Vegan?” that tells you if the ingredients are vegan by scanning the barcode of a product. It’s mostly accurate but it’s sooo quick and easy!

Definitely ask amy other questions you have in the comments and I’ll be sure to answer them if I can!! Thanks for reading and have a great day 🙂

Love, Carly Allison

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